Month: June 2019

Design for Nursery

Heating options

Conventional central heating may not be the best option for a newborn baby’s bedroom. That is because the ideal temperature for a newborn is 18oC.

If you have conventional central heating it is unlikely you will be able to achieve this temperature in the nursery, unless you have separate heating controls in each room.

Also, radiators and other heaters can be potentially dangerous as your child gets older, starts to walk and is naturally inquisitive.

An alternative option is electric underfloor heating.

Installing this in the nursery would give you complete control of the temperature, with the temperature variation caused by central heating.

Underfloor heating is also invisible, freeing up the space taken by the radiator for storage.

The colour scheme

Painting the room pink for a girl and blue for a boy is quite a cliché and, as scans to find out the sex are not 100% accurate, this could result in a hasty repainting project.

Instead, … Read the rest

Types of Flooring for Child’s Playroom


An exceptional type of flooring that hasn’t yet found its place within common interior design, cork is at present, an option for those with bigger budgets than most.

Cork looks absolutely stunning and is environmentally friendly because the tree it is taken from does not suffer any damage from losing its bark. It also has amazing properties that you don’t get from other flooring, such as it’s ability to repel insects and the fact it doesn’t absorb dust or other allergens like pollen.


It may not be the first surface that springs to mind, but it’s certainly one to consider long term. Investing in natural stone floor tiles is a great way to provide a beautiful surface for your child’s playroom, leaving you with a long lasting floor to use long after they have grown up. The surface is extremely durable and easy clean (when the correct sealants are used) and very cosy when used in combination with … Read the rest

Elements of a Candle

  • Wax – When it comes to manufacturing candles, there are typically several different types of wax that can be used. Depending on the type of wax that is used, the amount of soot produced by the candle can vary. Higher levels of soot have been shown to release carcinogenic soot into the air. The two most common types of these candles are paraffin and tallow. For a cleaner burning candle, it is recommended that you choose one that is made using soy, beeswax, or palm wax. These types of candles burn cleaner and cause no harmful soot to be released into the air inside your home.
  • Wick – The primary function of a candle wick is to provide fuel to the flame. When you light a wick, it works by drawing the wax up to the flame causing it to burn. The majority of wicks that are used in candles manufactured today are made from 100% cotton or a cotton-paper
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Removing Wallpaper

First you will need to do a small test to determine what type of job you are dealing with. Find an edge at one of the corners of the wall and attempt to peel the paper back. If it peels away easily, it means the wallpaper used was strippable and will be relatively easy to remove. Removable wallpaper is among the most common sold today. If it tears and leaves paper backing or dried adhesive, it means more work.

But this doesn’t mean it will be impossible. Certainly, there are some jobs more difficult than others. Wallpaper installed improperly, without primer, with too much adhesive, these things can cause problems. But for the most part it will still be removable if you follow these steps. We will proceed assuming the wallpaper did not peel easily from the wall and requires more effort to be removed.

Purchase a wallpaper removal solution. This can be found in any home improvement or decorating … Read the rest

Selecting Roofing Experts

Legal and Expert

Contingent upon the state of your top, it is vital that you search for a suitably authorized material organization, somebody who is attentive to the lawful stipulations in terms of building development, particularly on the territory where you live.

You must request a documentation that will check that such material builder is in reality authorized and proficient. It is additionally essential that they are proficient with the sorts of private material that you have. Most importantly, they might as well have an exceptional notoriety in the industry.

Request Approvals

The most ideal approach to know whether a certain material organization is of exceptional notoriety is to ask proposals from companions or from individuals you knew who have attempted contracting a material builder. Request proposals and tips and check whether they knew an exceptional material builder that is well proficient on the field.

The roofer that you will employ must be well learned about the sort of material … Read the rest

Springtime Decorating

During the summer months we clean because the kids (young and old alike) are constantly tracking dirt, mud, grass, and goodness knows what else into the house. Cleaning in these days is a chore and yet we still manage to bring out the patriotic colors and celebrate America in style. Goodness knows how with all the extra cleaning that is going on and the nearly double amounts of lemonade and iced tea being consumed daily. Still we manage to decorate and take great joy in doing so as if some right of passage has been achieved by our home decorating efforts.

Spring is the one time of year in which our cleaning efforts are nothing short of inspired. Yet it is also the spring that often eludes us when it comes to inspiration for decoration. Perhaps we are too tired from all our cleaning efforts to seek the inspiration to decorate. If this is the case with you, then my … Read the rest

Choose a Perfect Dressing Table

Choosing a Perfect Piece

Three things that come first while choosing such a table are: condition of your bedroom, your choice of design, and of course, your budget.

The Space

A dressing table generally finds its place in the bedroom of any general household, but some are installed in a separate dressing room. And the equation changes there; the type of furniture for an exclusive dressing room and a bedroom are somewhat different. Next comes space. Queen Victoria’s dressing table, though very elegant, you can’t place it to fit in a small space such as a modern apartment. Availability of space and the location is very important for choosing a dressing table. You have to look for the ones that are not very large in size or very elaborate, yet have good finish and functions.

The Condition

If you are going for a luxurious (and expensive) one, you should expect durability of the same. So, the choice of material is … Read the rest

Marrying Design Styles

start with the basics.

Before beginning to stress over nothing, begin with the basics. Start by readjusting your outlook. Rather than thinking of the merger as a daunting and painful process, regard it as the exciting, fun experience that it should be.

Have an open and honest discussion about how you want your new shared space to look and feel. Review and assess what you both have in terms of functionality, comfort, need, and scale.

Some pieces may be too large or small for the new space. If it won’t fit through the doors, or would look dwarfed or overpowering in the room, why even consider it? Remove it from the list of pieces to move with you.

It may be that your partner will surprise you and say one or more of her furniture pieces are beyond their useful life and should not be included in the move. Or that he wants to start fresh and eliminate the mismatched … Read the rest

Testing Water in Pool

Pool Test Strips

These strips remain the most popular choice for making sure the chemicals in the water are at the perfect level. These products are placed in both ends of the water, and then different colors will appear. After this, users can simply use the guide that is supplied with the strips to determine the results. Other methods are still used, but these often require the consumer to measure chemicals, etc.

These are recommended for individuals that want to check their water accurately and see the results quickly.

Test Kits

These kits are more accurate than the strips, but can also be more difficult to use. These require the use of reagents to check the water. Users are required to combine a small sample of the water and then drop a few drops of reagents into it. It will then change colors, and users can determine the results according to a chart that is included.

These can be more … Read the rest

Clean Pool Water Without Chemicals

To get freshwater, the less harmful water, the more natural and better for the environment type of swimming pool water the number one thing you’ll have to do is to clean, clean and clean again. This means getting out all the bits of dirt and leaves, all the bugs, all the everything that blows into a pool each and every day. So you’ll have to skim all of this out, every day. You also have to clean the liner and underwater surfaces every week if not more often. This means brushing the walls, the ladder, the bottom and then once that’s been done vacuum all of the stuff up to remove all the sediment and anything that can attract algae to grow.

It is also important to keep the water moving. All the time. Fresh water coming in, used water going out, in a continuous cycle keeps the water fresh and less stagnant than standing water. This means you’ll need … Read the rest