Month: July 2019

Designing Log Cabin

If you want to live in the log cabin, you will need a lot of decorating and design ideas. There are many people searching for the new ideas. I hope that you will enjoy this article whether you live in a wooden house or not. Even if you do not live in a wooden cabin, you can decorate your traditional house with the look of a wooden cabin. Usually the interior of the wooden house is rustic, simple, and casual.

Many people think that it is very difficult to decorate their home without spending a lot of money, but it is not true. I will give you some tips on decorating your wooden house. You should do shopping at the flea market, discount store, estate sales, and second-hand shops. Do not be afraid to decorate your wooden house with the natural items found outdoor – it will make your wooden house look more rustic. Decorating with the natural items will … Read the rest

Make Home Appear Comfortable

Go green

Plants are ideal with both large and small apartments. If your apartment is small, you should avoid plants that are too large. The good side with plants is that in addition to making your room comfortable they are also inexpensive. They accessorize your space by adding color and texture. Plants also aid in absorbing pollutants and removing harmful gases.

Play with patterns

Here you need to mix patterns in order to make your space appear elegant and comfortable to live. This trick is ideal if your apartment is large.

You should also use different colors. For example, you can use brown for the floor, green for the tables, red for the chairs and white for the walls. For ideal results you should use big swaths of solid color to anchor the space. For example, you can use red chairs to anchor the space.

Accessorize the room

There are many items that you can use to accessorize the house. … Read the rest

Uses Cowhide Rugs

Not only can you use cowskin for rug use you can also use it for furniture upholstery. This will give your furniture an exciting look and when paired with solid toned leather it looks even better! Rarely will you find an entire sofa upholstered in cowhide but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It is always recommended to combine with another textile or fabric so the furniture piece isn’t overwhelming. One misconception about cowhide rugs is consumers are always thinking that they are “western” or more for cabins or mountain homes. This couldn’t be further from the truth as several if not all high end hotels and homes feature some form of cowhide or leather.

Another alternative use would be displaying the hide as an art piece by having it as a wall hanging. Since every cowskin will be different some consider them a “work of art” and with the many breeds available today you can find almost any … Read the rest

Choosing Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are typically crafted from wool fibers. Wool is readily available in the areas where these carpets are made. Some wool fibers are coarse, and thick, while others are thinner and have a smaller diameter. You will find that different wool fibers take the dyes that are used in the rugs differently, so the colors that are in the carpet designs are different depending on the fibers the dye was applied to.

Thicker wool is often associated with less expensive Persian rugs, because the rug-maker would not be able to tie as many knots in each inch of the carpets as they could tie if they were using thinner wools fibers, or silk threads. The thicker wool may have less knots per square inch, but they often have a unique beauty that cannot be duplicated using thinner threads. You will have to determine which texture, and look, that you find appealing.

Some of these carpets were crafted using natural … Read the rest

Glass Decor

In the bedroom, an opaque glass wall can act as the separation of a closet and the bedroom itself. This is perfect in studio apartment living and upscale houses in a sort of seclusion, such as the woods or on a private lake.

In the living room, a glass partisan adds elegance to the home between the kitchen and living room. A translucent glass adds extra light into a room. In a traditional home, glass decorations can be the middle ground between traditional and contemporary. Consider a home built in the 1920’s, which excellent molding and ceiling trim, colorful glass images of family, a recent trip, or a favorite location can spruce up the living area for something intriguing to look at.

The above is only a couple examples of what glass imaging can bring to the home. Don’t forget the office! Offices utilize glass imaging for directories, partisans, as well as employee’s offices.

Products that can be used in … Read the rest

Modern Bathroom Design

The good news is a high quality and modern design can add value to your property value. Putting a modern design together is much easier than you may have thought and can be used in en-suite and family bathroom spaces.

The first step in designing a modern space is to take your colour scheme into consideration. Ideally you want the scheme to be as light as possible, white wherever you can. Most homeowners will choose a light and natural tone for the wall and floor tiles and then choose white Duravit bathroom products to enhance the design.

Whatever the size of the bathroom, you want to keep it as bright as possible, this is beneficial to smaller bathroom spaces, a problem many of us deal with on a daily basis. The more natural light you can include into your design the better. So if need be, add a large window or sky lights to ensure you get a good flow … Read the rest

Pick Blinds for a Child’s Bedroom

The pull cord which you use to open and close your blinds is one of the main, and most obvious hazards. There are more risks than just that though. If you opt for something like a venetian blind they have cords which hold them together. Because these are much shorter loops than the pull cord itself, it is surprisingly easy for little ones to become entangled in the mechanism. If this happens to be around their neck it just doesn’t bare thinking about.

With all those possible hazards, you’re going to want to think carefully about the sort of blinds which you choose so that your little ones are nice and safe as well as in a dark room at bedtime.

Just because made to measure blinds can be a hazard doesn’t mean that they will be, and if you follow our simple steps, it’ll be easy to achieve.

We’ve already identified what some of the main risks are, next … Read the rest

Climate Influence Chelmsford Home Design

Looking carefully at the way houses look in Chelmsford, you will notice that this region has some architectural characteristics that have adapted to the Essex climate. Moreover, some interior design elements can also be linked to atmospheric conditions. Looking at buildings from the outside, you will notice that they are massive and imposing. Chelmsford has kept the traditional British style and landmarks such as the Chelmsford Cathedral and the Hylands House are perfect examples in this regard.

Although it is one of the hottest towns in the United Kingdom, Chelmsford still has a large number of rainy days per year, so the facades of the houses have to be very durable, so as the withstand large volumes of water. Brick and stone are preferred to wood, because they don’t deteriorate as easily, nor do they let water get in. In addition, they also have to be heat resistant. Chelmsford is one of the few British tows where temperatures during summer … Read the rest

Types Weatherboard Cladding

  • Timber Weatherboard cladding:This has been the cladding of choice since olden times. There is no denying the fact that timber looks stunningly classy. Weatherboards are available in varieties of pine, cedar, treated pine and many more. It does need to be painted and polished regularly to avoid it from splitting or rotting. It is expensive to buy and maintain. And it requires regular expenses in maintenance. With environmental concerns about cutting trees, many homeowners are choosing more eco-friendly options. You can also find plywood or hardboard cladding which is cheaper than timber and easier to maintain.
  • Fiber cladding:¬†Fiber boards are made of cellulose fiber, cement and sand. These are very sturdy and very heavy as well. They do require painting. They are also quite inert and immune to environmental damage. They are available in many designs and thicknesses and primed for painting and use.
  • Vinyl cladding:¬†This is a relatively economical option. These are very low on maintenance.
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Green Interior Design

There are basic guidelines to follow if you want to set up an ecologically-balanced interior. First, steer clear of paints that contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Such chemicals can have long-term negative effects on your family’s health.

Go for organic upholstery. The standard upholstered products in the market these days contain polyurethane foams that are wrapped in dacron. These are man-made materials and are even petroleum-based so they are highly flammable. While they are treated with flame-retardants, they can still be catch fire. Also, they have been known to cause some health issues such as lowered IQ and infertility.

Another green design basic is to choose wood furniture. Find pieces that are made of teak, walnut, maple, oak or any solid wood. These pieces are held together by joinery methods that ensure a stronger bond with less adhesive.

Do not purchase furniture that has particleboard or MDF. These are made from compressed sawdust or shavings bonded by glue, synthetic resins … Read the rest