Month: October 2019

Townhouse Design

The Artistic Living Room

One of the townhouse interior design trends that have been captivating people is the use of striking furnishings, an abundance of distinctive details, and lots of wall art. Wall art can create a great first impression, hence, providing the social impact that you want.

Apart from your beautiful wall art, it also pays to use fascinating vases (they can be metallic, faceted or the ones used on mantels).

To emphasize the beauty of art in your home, you must treat each design piece as a work of art. Take time to hunt for the most interesting stuff in the market from chairs with striking prints to colorful, ceramic figurines.

The Minimalist Kitchen

From the living room, it’s now time to design your kitchen. A contemporary townhouse trend that homeowners have been raving about is the minimalist design. It is basic, quite plain if you might think of it in that manner, but it is also original, practical and stylish.

The minimal furnishings offer more space that can be utilized for other purposes. After all, who would want to cook inside a cluttered kitchen? Just have your staple countertop and some minimal décor (copper pots and pans that have been hung) and you’re good.

Do not go into bold décor if you want a minimalist kitchen. Just be content with that gleaming kitchen island, that beautiful tile backsplash and your wooden storage cabinets. What matters is that the furnishings in this room are all functional while not appearing boring at the same time.

The Fanciful Dining Room

As the food is cooked, it is now time to bring it to your townhouse dining room. This is one room where you can have fun with your designs. Make good use of statement lighting as well as other special features. See how the wall panels will be able to create a geometric look. Find globular pendant lights that can offer that dreamy, fairytale effect.

As for the sleek townhouse dining room, it is also important to use a powerful tone for the statement lighting. Have a collection of vases combined with other dining room details and you’ll create a space that is modern yet not to sterile.

The Luxurious Bedroom

The townhouse bedroom can have plush details like an upholstered headboard and a pair of bedside vignettes. Think of some more strategic designs which will make the bedroom more romantic and lavish.

Gold is a color that you might want to look into if you want to evoke luxury inside this room. If this color is too flashy, then find a more relaxing color such as blue, lavender or green. Contemporary townhouse owners have also experimented with colors that are more unusual such as white and dark taupe. This is quite prevalent among masculine owners.

A table and a reading chair in a corner can also add to the comforts of this room.

Custom Closet Design

In creating your custom closet, it is best to consult with professionals. Most home improvement companies will invite you to consultations so that you and the installers are on the same page. It is here that you get to voice your opinions because you are the only person who truly knows your closet needs. Maybe you have a lot of jewelry or a vast collection of ties; consulting with professionals allows you to design extra jewelry or tie storage to fit your needs. Some home improvement companies may even design a 3D image of what your new installation will look like so that you can see what is being built.

With more room to place belongings comes more belongings to be placed; the bigger the closet, the more belongings you will soon accumulate. Custom walk-in closets can contain the mess because they are comprised of different storage areas for shirts, dresses, suits, shoes and other accessories. Kitchen and bathroom closets are built with this same idea in mind so that you can easily access the ingredients or bath products you may need. With these installations come LED lighting so that your clothes, food or bath products are kept safe from damaging conventional lighting. LED lighting is cheaper, safer and more energy efficient.

So what do custom closet installations have to do with further home organization? Since these closets are built with arrangement and coordination in mind, using a closet such as this will begin to train you in cleanliness and management. You will get used to placing your shoes in the right storage section of your walk-in closet or placing your soup on the right shelf of your kitchen closet and these mannerisms will begin to seep into all aspects of your life.

The key to home organization is to make the most of your space. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a very large house, optimizing your given space is the way to keep your home and your life neatly arranged. Besides pleasing the eye, keeping an organized room makes items easier to find, making life navigable once again. It is annoying to spend precious time searching for the document you accidentally misplaced when you throw the mail on your messy desk. Keeping an organized life means leading an easier life.

Choosing Cabinet Hardware


Stylish components can provide the perfect finishing touch to any project. One thing you may want to think about is choosing parts that will that will provide contrast. For example, you should consider accenting dark wood components with chrome, nickel, stainless steel or brass. If you have lighter-colored wood, think about using copper, enamel or bronze with an antique finish. Metal accessories with polished or satin finishes can be used whether you have a traditional or contemporary decor, while oil-rub bronze is perfect for a more casual look. If you have a Victorian home, opt for glass and enamel cabinet hardware.

As important as aesthetic considerations may be, however, don’t overlook the shape when choosing your cabinet hardware. While knobs are functional for doors, they may not be substantial enough to make it easy to open drawers. Use handles instead that fit your fingers comfortably.


Hinges are another important consideration when it comes to making your renovation as successful as it can be. Talk to a contractor or someone who has experience in these types of projects to find out which hinges will work best with your new doors. For example, if doors will be flush with cabinetry, think about using butt hinges. It’s important to note, however, that while this type of hinge is typically lower priced, it will not allow your door to close on its own.

Many people use European hinges for inset, overlay or frameless doors. These are popular because they can be easily installed as well as adjusted, and they are self-closing. When considering hinges, you’ll have several different options. However, several factors will determine which ones are right for your job, including cost, ease of installation and the construction of your door.

Door Catches

Some people prefer to use door catches, while others can do without them. If you plan on using them, magnetic catches are among the most popular. A small metal plate on the back of a door will attach itself to a magnet on the frame when the door closes, making a small clicking sound. If that doesn’t appeal to you, however, there are other types of catches available that are silent when they latch. These include friction and spring-roller catches.

Double Glazing Windows

The cost of installing these kinds of windows is initially very high. However, it must not discourage you from installing it. This is because:

  • Traditional windows do not save so much energy. On the contrary, double glazed windows will cut your energy bills.
  • It is helpful during summers as well as winters. In summer, it does not let heat enter the house. During winter, it prevents the loss of heat.
  • If you are living in a busy street, then double glazed windows will block the noise from entering your house. Hence, for a quiet home, you can certainly go for through this option.
  • You need not have any inhibition before installing windows of this kind when renovating your house. They are available in a range of styles to suit your house type.
  • If compared to a traditional window, then it’s a proven fact that double glazing is the one which offers more security.

Some Scientific Facts on Double Glazing at a Glance:

  • These windows have the gas argon between the two panes. This acts as an effective and better insulator.
  • Argon has higher density hence, it acts as a far better buffer than what we consider air as.
  • The scope for condensation is less and hence, it usually enhances insulation.
  • The UV coating helps in giving protection against sun damage and also prevents floors, furniture, rugs from fading.
  • To suit the different climates and function so, manufacturers use a metallic layer in the glass which is Low-E-Glass.

Using Double Glazed Windows with Blinds

Blinds gather dust very easily. Using a glazed window will act as some vacuum-cleaner and so no dust will amass. Even some manufacturers suggest that blinds within glazing helps to improve the electricity efficiency due to their insulating properties. In this regard, it is mandatory to note that you must opt for in-built shades as they are long-lasting and saves a lot of money. You can also look for glass splash backs as you can clean it easily. It is very much suited for kitchens. They are available in different sizes and shapes in the market. It’s reflective properties create a warm and compact ambience.

Colour Combinations for Walls

Violet is the colour at one end of the spectrum, and is a very intense and rich colour. It also lends a feeling of intimacy, and works very well with a very classical furniture arrangement in the living room. Lighter shades have a calming effect on the mind, while darker shades make a bold statement. Violet is naturally rich, and lighter shades of the colour can be paired with greens and beiges, while darker shades work well with lighter shades of violet and oranges.

Peaches and oranges work well with modern decor, and create a sense of space, making the room look larger. Living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms are perfect for peach and orange combinations. You could even add a splash of blue to add a little something extra to the colour scheme of the room. Another classic combination for living rooms and bedrooms are browns and beiges. These various shades provide a formal ambiance and beige could give either a classic or contemporary look. Pair this colour scheme with yellow light and rich furniture to really make the room look outstanding.

At the other end of the colour spectrum is the colour red. Like violet, it is strong, deep and dynamic. The colour adds a touch of romance and flamboyance to the room. You could either use it on a column or small part of a wall, or on an entire wall. It can be used with any colour scheme, and adds a certain amount of excitement and energy to the room. You can even use one red wall as the centrepiece of your room, and then choose other colours to compliment it. Once you get around to painting your house, keeping these colour matchmaking tips in mind can really help to completely transform your house into a loving and beautiful home.

Office Interior Design

Eco Friendly

These days, it seems like people are finally hipping up to the benefits of the green movement. For companies that want to show customers they care about the world we all live in, going green is one of the best ways to win public’s affections. While, in the past, an eco-friendly existence certainly wasn’t the most glamorous look around, environmentally conscious interior designers have turned this recycled style into one of the hottest trends. Office furniture manufacturers are churning out recycled desks and chairs faster than anyone ever thought possible. Cool eco friendly ergonomic chairs not only help the environment, but they also relieve all sorts of common office aches. With all the eye-catching recycled and responsible furniture out now, it’s no wonder Greenguard certified furniture has become so popular.

Open Office

Business owners who want to keep up with the times better say goodbye to the cubicles. Large companies like Google have made open office environments the way of the future. The new design promotes communication and teamwork between employees, and feels much less imprisoning than the plastic walls that have trapped office workers since the 80s. For businesses tight on space, nothing is a better alternative to traditional cubicles than modular workstations. Manufacturers have designed these stations to adequately service either single users or multiple individuals. They are easy to power, efficient, and proven to increase productivity. Definitely a must-have for any modern company.

Training Rooms

For large corporations that want to keep up with the times, training rooms are not optional. Any company that hires large swaths of new recruits on a regular basis will undoubtedly benefit from this revolutionary new trend. Training furniture exists for exactly what its name suggests: training. When new employees arrive on the scene, large companies have found that it pays to have a designated place to get them up to speed on how the company functions. This style of furniture generally features durable, molded plastic chairs, affordable training tables with mobility, and flair unmatched by other furniture options. Training room furniture is perfect for guests, events, schools, libraries, and even cafeterias. It has seen a huge spike in popularity in a number of fields.


And finally, for anyone that wants to fully enhance all aspects of their office, we leave you with the running trend that will never stop going. Few people realize that ergonomics is not actually a new trend. Anyone that has ever tried to ease or improve their work experience and done so successfully has experienced the power of ergonomics. This furniture style has been trending since the 90s and is still going strong. This is largely because things like ergonomic office chairs will never stop being improved upon. With ergonomics, there is never any place else to go except up. For companies that like to follow that mentality, ergonomics are essential. It’s hard to say no to furniture that enhances workplace efficiency, productivity, and style all in the same affordable package.

Reasons Choose Glass Pool Fence

Safety glass is an effective barrier and can be created into a beautifully finished and modern style to best complement the home. The panels are secured by bolts and drilling into the surrounding concrete offering various design options. The solid type of fencing is a suitable border to protect children or pets from entering the pool area without supervision and is not as harsh or obtrusive as metal fences.

Glass fences are most appealing surrounding pools offering a neat and modern, customized result. The smooth edging surrounding the border ensures safety in and around the structure and is constructed from thick material proving resistant against extreme weather conditions. The panels and steel posts required in construction are costly, but provide exceptional durability.

Paneling situated around swimming pools are simple to keep clean and deliver a highly durable finish. To keep wooden and metal fencing in good condition can become a costly process as wood features will need regular application of varnish and metal, rust prevention strategies. To produce a crystal clear result, a wipe down with a compatible product will remove any prints, smudges, stains and dirt.

The clear glass boundary will create an illusion of a larger space in comparison to solid wood or steel fences. Customized fences are created for any size or shape of pool and will not take up much of the yard owing to its streamlined design. The clear paneling makes it easier to view the garden at all times and ensure that no pets or children have entered the area without assistance.

Fences must be designed for the purpose of improving safety in and around the swimming pools. Families with kids are required to install a fence that does not include any footholds or platforms that would allow one to climb onto the structure and use it as a diving board. Glass panels do not possess major gaps preventing toddlers from squeezing through bars and planks as with traditional borders.

The proper thickness of glass must be selected to provide high levels of durability against everyday wear and tear. Panels are constructed for weather resistance and offer reliable features to minimize breakage with exposure to the elements over time. It is easy to maintain, proves most economical, and must be installed by professional and reputable contractors experienced in framed and frameless features.

Choosing Designer Bed Linen

Thread count is something that is going to help someone determine quality in many of the designer sheet sets. Thickness and comfort will usually go hand in hand for many brands. It is important to choose something that people are going to be comfortable using when they are sleeping.

Choosing the proper material is also very important. Some people like certain materials better. The best quality is the 100% Egyptian cotton. These are very durable sheets and will last for a long time.

The Pima or Supima cotton has a softer feel as well as a sheen to it. This is thought of as being more affordable in many of the designer sheet collections. There are many different choices of cotton to choose from.

Linens are also a nice sheet, especially in the warmer climates. It will keep consumers cooler in the hot weather. Many people feel that it will improve with age.

Some people like the worn-in look or feel to it as well. This is something that will last for a very long time. It is something that does not wear out very easy.

Poly-blend sheets are great for resisting wrinkles too. Everybody has something that they do not like about a certain kind of sheet set. Wrinkles may be something that some people are bothered by.

Choosing the proper weave of a sheet is important too. This is something that is going to affect the way that the material feels. There are different options that people will have when picking out something like this.

When someone is looking for bedding that is cool and crisp, they want something that is lightweight and tightly woven. For something that has a dense weave, it will be a super-tight microfiber. This is going to be a wrinkle-resistant material usually and will also be resistant to water.

When someone needs something that is great for a cooler climate, they will want flannel, something that is ultra-soft or a lustrous sateen. This will help people stay warmer when their bedrooms are much cooler. Everybody lives in a different climate though.

The pattern is something that it is very important. Some of the patterns are more masculine while others are more feminine. There are also several different patterns that are neutral too. There are many different sized patterns.

Some people can choose a pattern with many different colours in it. Some of them will be many different shades of the same colours put together. It is important to experiment with different colours and see which ones work better with the room and the people who are sleeping in it.

There are certain colours that look better in certain rooms. Some people do not like certain colours or patterns. It is a personal choice.

There are many different things that will determine whether someone likes a certain kind of bedding. It may be something that they have always used when they were growing up. It could also be something that they have used but could never afford before. Everybody will find something that they like the best.

Everybody has their own tips for choosing designer bed linens. There are many different brands that people can choose when they are purchasing these. The size of the bed, the colours of the room and the type of bedding will be determining factors as to whether people will be able to sleep well or not.

Building Plan for Outdoor Saunas

Consider the dimensions of the building to be used first. Let the sauna occupy an area of less than 10′ X 10′ so as to avoid having to acquire a building permit as is the case if a hundred square feet are exceeded. However, verification of this information with your local building-inspection authority can be done so as to be sure. The best dimensions to use are 8′ X 12′ which will allow you to have three rooms in your sauna: the entry as well as storage room for your wood used as fuel for the sauna, a changing room as well as the sauna itself. Let the sauna’s height be less than seven feet to avoid wastage of heat. Having a smaller room ensures more efficient heating as well as allowing the use of a smaller heater and smaller circuit breakers within your panel.

The layout of the room is also very important. For a better layout of the benches to be used, have the heater and the door on a long wall adjacent to each other. Allow six feet in at least one direction of your sauna if you like lying down in it The bench layout is normally 19″ for the depth and height is 38″ for the upper bench and 19″ for the lower bench. Shorter doors, with an opening of 26″ X 78″ encompassing both frame and door, are also used for the purposes of conserving heat within the sauna. The doors should also always to the outside of the sauna, never to the inside.

The sauna’s interior should be made from cedar, which does not discolor as opposed to many other types of wood although a sealant is still recommended. Cedar is also stable as opposed to other types of wood which swell and shrink under different temperatures. Using wood with knots could possibly cause burns in a sauna and thus it is important to obtain clear wood for your sauna’s interior.

Outdoor saunas also require to be well insulated and have a good source of heat energy. Insulation with a minimum R-Factor of R-11 for the walls and R-19 for the ceiling can be used Using fibreglass bats is essential. Do not use polystyrene foam board since gases such as formaldehydes will be given off by the boards when exposed to the sauna’s higher temperatures.

Heat energy in outdoor saunas tends to be provided by a wood-burning sauna heater. Ensure the chimney is well installed and passes the inspection by the local authority for proper dissemination of smoke from the wood. Also, it is not advised to buy an outdoor infrared heater if you plan on using your outdoor sauna all year round since they, the outdoor infrared heaters, do not work in winter.

Proper flow of air is a necessity in a sauna so as to ensure the users have a good supply of oxygen and also to prevent the fire from burning itself out This requires introducing fresh air which can either be supplied by leaving an air space of about 1″ between the floor and the bottom of the sauna’s door or by installing a non-adjustable vent in the wall under the heater. An adjustable exhaust vent should also be installed on the wall opposite to the vent holding incoming air so as to ensure proper air circulation and equal heat distribution. The exhaust vent can be installed anywhere from 48″ to 54″ from the sauna’s floor. The exhaust vent should have sliding doors to control the amount of air allowed into the room. It is advisable to place this vent within arm’s reach of your upper bench so you can adjust air circulation from the bench as you relax.

Using aluminium foil vapour barrier, rather than conventional polyethylene in residential constructions is also advised. Seal the aluminium foil vapour barrier by using aluminium foil adhesive duck tape for good results. Drape the foil loosely around the corners as it will shrink with the heating and the cooling. Don’t stretch it out like conventional polyethylene.

A drain in outdoor saunas tends to be unnecessary since only enough water to be converted to vapour is required to be poured on the rocks. If water pools on the floor then excess water is being used However, a drain can be installed if you plan to wash down the sauna often.

The lighting in outdoor saunas, as well as other saunas in general is specifically made so as to function in high-moisture, high-temperature environments. The use of conventional lighting methods should not be done. Additional light fixtures can also be mounted to increase illumination in previously dark areas. An additional light is usually mounted 3″ below where the upper bench meets the wall in the sauna. These lights tend to be operated by dimmer switches thus can be adjusted according to the users’ moods.

Choose A Safe Pool Enclosure

Aluminium has remained a common choice of pool fences offering superior durability and ease of installation. The versatile material can be designed to fit any size or shape pool and provides a cost effective option for property owners looking for a basic, solid structure. It is simple to maintain including a powder coating to protect against rust damage and minimize the need to continuously manage the condition of fencing.

One of the more affordable materials for fencing is aluminum and is not limited to its size or color. It will not provide privacy and serves as a basic fence to keep the area secure from unauthorized or unsupervised access. Iron and steel fencing are available, but may prove costly for larger pools owing to the heavier consistency and labor involved in construction.

A cheaper building material includes wood able to create a sturdy and solid fence with broad panels to produce a private bathing area. The basic construction of wood provides a more affordable alternative to aluminum or glass and includes customized design options to improve the appeal and condition of pools. A limitation of having wooden fencing installed includes the constant maintenance required to protect the material against rot and degradation.

A beautiful design solution to safely enclose pools includes glass fences with a semi-framed or frameless style offering a modern enhancement. The clear glass creates a sense of spaciousness for smaller yards ensuring that structures remain encased without a cumbersome fence. The transparent production provides with the ability to easily view the structure offering a greater sense of security.

Glass offers a beautifully clear design that is easy to maintain regardless of weather conditions and will not degrade over time. The thick glass consistency can provide maximum protection and simply requires cleaning with a cloth to manage its crystal clear clarity. Well- designed pools are enhanced with modern and aesthetically pleasing styles that assist in safeguarding these structures.

The selection of fences to enclose pools must provide safe and secure solutions for enhancement that will last against daily wear and tear. A professional installation company can provide customized fencing to ensure that the structure remains well protected without compromising on its aesthetic value. The most affordable styles are determined to keep the area well maintained and to ensure that access remains well supervised.