About Curtain Track

Jazz up your windows and doors with carefully chosen combinations of sheers and heavy drapes. This not only adds color and dimension to your room, but also makes it look inviting and warm. However, if your drapes are long and heavy, conventional rods may not be able to bear their weight. Long rods result in either ugly sagging in the middle or unevenly hung drapes. If you’re spacing out larger numbers of short rods, the brackets and joints may come in the way of closing your curtains completely. Heavy-duty curtain rods are available, but they could look bulky and cumbersome and distract from the beauty of your curtains. The right option here would be curtain tracks.

They’re neat, discreet and hard-working. You can mount them on the ceiling or wall depending on the size of your windows/doors and the length of the curtains you’ve chosen. They allow your curtains to glide smoothly and evenly across while opening and closing the drapes. And what’s even better, they don’t snatch the limelight away from the elegance and grace of the curtains themselves. Curtain tracks recede discreetly into the background and let your curtains do all the talking!

While selecting curtain tracks keep a few factors in mind:

Weight of the curtains
Contours of the room
Flexible or heavy-duty
Ease of installation and cleaning
Trimming to size options
Additional fabric hanging positions

Heavy and sheer drapes require different types of tracks. Usually, light-weight curtains can be hung on a PVC track, while aluminum is preferred for medium ones. Really heavy curtains may require steel tracks and these are always corded to avoid damage to the fabric. If your room has a curve or the windows are curved, you need a flexible PVC or aluminum track, with a corded option if you prefer it. Your curtain track service provider should assist you with advice on proper maintenance and cleaning of the tracks. If you’re making changes to your curtains, select tracks which can be later trimmed or cut to accommodate them. Similarly, if you decide to add sheers or net curtains later, tracks which have additional hanging positions are the right choice. Hooks and locking systems, different color options, accessories like tie-backs and hold backs, etc may also be available with your service provider.