Achieving a Minimalist Home Decor

  • Create A Clean Space: This means you should get rid of all the clutter in the room. A minimalist interior design style will not only bring order to the room, it will also bring a streamlined and organized appeal.
  1. Floors: Except for the essential pieces of furniture, the floor should be clear. Nothing should be stacked or stored on the floor.
  2. Surfaces: Same thing should be done to flat surfaces or countertops. It should not have anything on them except for one or two simple accent pieces.
  3. Walls: To achieve a minimalist design, you should avoid hanging pictures or art on your walls. Clear your walls. Leave only one or two nice pieces of artwork.
  • Simple, Elegant, And Chic Furniture: It is best to choose simple and elegant furnishings. For instance, you should choose a plain colored sofa as opposed to a sofa with bold patterns. If you want to use upholstered pieces, choose simple upholstery. You could also use a dark-blue sofa adding a touch of color through the pillows will help create a simple yet sophisticated style. Do not overcrowd the room with bulky pieces. Keep it simple.
  • Lighting: You can use track lights or recessed lights instead of table and floor lamps. You can also install dimmer switches to control the amount of light in the room. Dimming the lights will provide you with a cozy, relaxing mood.
  • Use Muted Or Neutral Colors: When painting your walls, choose neutral or muted color schemes. These colors will create a relaxing ambiance as opposed to using vibrant and loud shades. If you want to add a burst of color in the room, you can choose a feature wall and paint it with the color you want. Use this as your focal point.