Benefits Using Table Pads

A table pad is a very thin pad, with a hard, flat upper surface but which is soft and fibrous underneath. It can be made exactly to the size of the top surface of a table. The soft side is next to the surface of the table and the hard side is uppermost; this will protect the table top from spills, heat, and scratches.


  • The foremost benefit of a table pad is that it keeps your table top looking new.
  • It can be customized to fit your table top perfectly.
  • The rigid top surface of a table pad makes it stable enough for writing or dining, and the soft area on the reverse protects the wooden surface.
  • It protects the table top from dust, spills, moisture, scratches, etc.
  • It is easily removed when necessary.
  • It is made of quality material, which makes it long lasting.

Reasons for the customer to buy

  • It protects the table surface from direct sunlight which can fade the color of the table.
  • It protects the table from sharp edges which could scratch it.
  • It decreases noise during lunch or dinner parties, as it has the unique feature of sound absorption.
  • It protects the surface from sources of heat as it easily absorbs heat.
  • If you use the table pads on a regular basis, it will keep your table looking new.
  • It absorbs water, thus extending the life of the table.
  • It protects the surface from water rings, spots and stain damage.


It can be expensive. “Customization” makes it more expensive, so buying it as it comes will make the price more reasonable. It is very bulky and has a weight which makes it difficult to store when you are not using it. Some people prefer to leave it on the top of the table all the time while many others feel that it is not as attractive as the table top itself, so prefer to take it off when the table is not in use.