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About Eco Friendly Wallpaper

A New Day

The reasons for these changes in the industry are obvious. Finite natural resources and growing market demand force manufacturers to work with materials that are sustainable. With a more informed, sophisticated and health-conscious consumer, the days of plastics, vinyls and synthetics are coming to an end. Where once the industrial development of adhesives focused on two dimensions – effectiveness and cost, there now exists two more considerations – safety and sustainability.

A Changing Industry

Some of the largest wallpaper manufacturers in the world are pushing into this new area of development with serious resources and effort. York Wallcoverings, based in York, Pa., is one of these. The oldest wallpaper manufacturer in the world, York has stayed relevant by staying progressive. Its engineers, designers, chemists and marketers are busy finding solutions to the sustainable problem. They have developed wallpapers from materials as diverse as natural grass, sand and even glass. Eco-Decor, one of their newest collections, is the culmination of these efforts. This work is leading the industry into a new realm, one it can take pride in and one in which its customers applaud.

With Earth Day right around the corner, it is a good time to reflect on the positive changes being made in terms of environmental health, consumer safety and sustainable growth. While many industries have been marketing these efforts for decades, the wallpaper industry, one of the worst offenders in the olden days of synthetics, toxins and waste, is putting their money where their mouth is and initiating positive change.

A Sustained Effort For Sustainable Change

This work is possible through some of the sharpest business, engineering and chemical minds in the industry. It is something we are all proud of, and something we at Interior Place are very happy to tell our customers about. Feel good about your decor; feel good about the earth. This is something we tell our customers because today there is no need to sacrifice quality and luxury when making the kinds of decisions that will ensure a happier, healthier life for the world and those we will leave it to in the coming years. Have a great day today and a great Earth Day in the future!

Make a Roman Blind

You will need the following:

  • Cotton
  • Strong string
  • Sewing machine
  • Staples
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Tape measure
  • 5 wood batons
  • 2 Screws/nails
  • Fabric
  • Fabric Tape
  • Lining (optional)
  • Velcro
  • Plastic loops


  • Measure the window. Depending on the type of window, you can either take the measurements from in between the walls so that the blinds sit right next to the window or take them from in front of the window so that the blind can come down past the sill.
  • You can use any fabric but in order to get the best folds in the blind it is best to use fabric that is at least decorator weight. If you are adding a lining, use a dark colour to block out light. This is especially for blinds that are used in a bedroom.
  • Measure and cut the fabric. Allow an extra inch on each side so that you can hem the edges to make a neat finish.
  • If you are adding a lining, measure and cut the fabric. It should be cut an 1 inch smaller than the best face fabric.
  • Place the best face fabric right side down and pin the lining in place, putting the hem of the best face fabric over the edges of the lining. Once secure turn inside out, sew the hems. Make sure there is small opening left so that you can turn it right side out again.
  • Stitch the velcro across the top edge of the fabric.
  • Place the fabric tape at 4 intervals on the lining. When you are happy with the position (this will be where your blind folds.) You can make the tape more secure by stitching the edges. Remember to leave the short edges open because the batons will be threaded through them. Alternatively you can glue the batons directly on to the fabric.
  • Attach the plastic loops to the fabric tape or the batons. Thread the string through the loops.
  • Attach the other side of the velcro to the last baton. Screw the baton to the window frame or wall.
  • Attach the blind.

Now all you have to do is sit back and admire all your handiwork that completes your interior design project.


Buy The Right Bed Sheets


Bed sheets are made from different fabrics. For example, there are those made from cotton, polyester, satin and others from silk. Each fabric has its pros and cons. For example, while cotton has a great natural feel, it has the tendency of causing skin irritations with some people. Cotton also tends to shrink and wrinkle.

If you are irritated by cotton you should go for units made from polyester. The cool thing with polyester is that you can fabricate it. It also doesn’t wrinkle much and lacks allergens thus won’t irritate you.

Satin and silk bed sheets are thin and feel excellent against your skin.

Weave Type and Thread Count

There are different weave types that you can go for: sateen, twill, and pinpoint. Sateen is the most common and is extremely soft; however, it’s not durable. Twill is cheaper, folds well and holds up in the wash. Pinpoint is hard at the start, but it softens after a number of washings.

The thread count determines the number of horizontal and vertical threads in each square inch of material. Always remember that the higher the thread count, the softer the material. To determine the thread count you only need to read the label on the bed sheet.

If the count is below 300, the sheet will be scratchy. A count of below 175 will be a waste of your money regardless of the cost of the bed sheet. A sheet with a count of 600 or more tends to be thin unless it’s a two-ply.

Type of Manufacturing

There are different ways in which bed sheets are manufactured: Jersey, compact, and flannel. Jersey sheets are usually knitted and don’t have a thread count. The cool thing with them is that they are very soft, durable and warm. Flannel sheets are soft, thick and durable.

Compact means that the fibers in the sheets have been bound together tightly. Due to this, sheets manufactured using this technique are wrinkle resistant and durable.

Common Issues Found in Older Homes

Electrical Problems

One of the most pressing problems found in older homes is an outdated electrical system which can cause fires or electrocution. Unfortunately, few homeowners are trained to recognize and replace inadequate electrical wires or systems. Issues like frayed insulation, outdated aluminum wiring, or old circuit breakers are a few serious conditions that only trained electricians can recognize or fix.

Lead Paint

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that authorities realized how dangerous lead paint can be for adults and children. If your home was built before or during this time period, it is possible that there is lead paint in your home. If lead paint begins to peel and is ingested, it could poison children and pets. So it is highly advisable to get all painted surfaces tested, before sanding or stripping walls.

Faulty Insulation

Many older homes don’t have proper insulation. This means high utility bills in the winter. In addition, adding insulation can become expensive if contractors have to cut through drywall to lay insulation.


Used as a fire retardant and insulation in the 1970’s, asbestos is now known to cause life threatening illnesses like mesothelioma and lung cancer. Asbestos is extremely difficult to detect with the untrained eye. It can also spread all across the home, laying on roof tiles, within the duct work, and in the carpet. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests leaving asbestos undisturbed. Contact a specialist to remove asbestos if found. Contact a professional immediately if asbestos is in the ductwork, as when it becomes airborne, it is extremely hazardous.


Older homes often have a lot of cracks and leaks. Sometimes leaks are not apparent until after the winter season or when it rains. Often, homeowners don’t even know that their home has a leak. Common places for leaks to occur are the roof, attic, basement, and in the walls. Cracks in the home can cause a variety of problems like high utility bills, and an entry point for pests. Cracked window frames, gaps around doors, and uninsulated electrical outlets can all lead to long term problems.

Benefits of Installing Automatic Pool Covers


Though it is important not to underestimate or neglect the need to supervise children as they swim or play around the area, having an additional protection between the swimming area and loved ones will give homeowners peace of mind as they go about daily chores at work or at home. Just be sure to check that it meets the stipulated safety standards.


This is one of the top reasons why one would consider investing in automatic pool covers. When installed, the water is less likely to be littered, even when the owner is away on a holiday or business trip. Therefore, one will have ample time to enjoy swimming, as there will be no need to maintain and clean it more than the required times.


Covers save money and energy in the long run. They lessen water evaporation as well as heat loss. Some even have the ability to reduce the loss of heat by up to 70%. Also, they will lower the amount of electricity that the filter and pump uses. This is based on the fact that the water will remain clean for extended periods. Therefore, the filtration equipment and pumps will be used less often.

Evaporation results in a significant loss of chemicals, and this, in turn, compromises chemical balance. Sealing the water will help maintain the balance, preventing chemicals from leaving. More importantly, reduced evaporation will eliminate the need for refilling.

Maintain Water Quality

Contamination of water by insects, debris, and other forms of pollutants can make it unsafe for not only humans but also for pets. For instance, water that is contaminated with chemicals can cause skin irritation and other health complications if ingested. Also, incorrect chemical balance can pose a danger to one’s health. Nonetheless, it is paramount to hire an expert to test the water and monitor the concentration of various chemicals. Some of the factors that clients should consider when looking for an expert include legal accreditation, reputation, credibility, and service packages.

Velcro Tapes

The Velcro tape is one of the most commonly used tapes which is also known as the hook and loop fasteners. It has been in use since the year 1948 and even today it is available in a huge assortment of lengths and colors. It has a wide range of benefits and uses.

  • Light Weight: It is a light weight material which is quite easy to use. It can be fixed onto clothes, shoes and other materials quite easily.
  • Washable and Durable: Another attractive feature of this material is that it is quite durable. It can be washed easily as most of these materials are made of nylon and polyester.
  • Versatile: It is used for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used on clothing, shoe closures, cuff tighteners and so forth. Moreover, it is quite strong and therefore it has the ability to support weight.
  • Space Suits: Velcro is one of the most widely used materials in space shuttles and aircraft. These tapes can anchor metal trays and other devices in space. It is also used on space suits.

Different Advantages:

  • Lower Maintenance: It requires low maintenance as it is quite durable. This tape can be sealed and ripped many times. It seldom requires replacements although it needs to be cleaned often.
  • Ease of Use: One of the most important benefits of these tapes is its ease of use. It can be used easily by ripping it off from the one another. It also adheres to the surfaces quite easily which explains the reason it is used for various projects in and around homes. It is often used on clothes for people with disabilities as it simplifies the process of wearing clothes.
  • Fastener: It is used as a fastener on carpets at homes and office spaces. It can also be used to place cushions on seats and chairs. It can be used on kitchen cabinets and other accessories.
  • Hang Objects: There is hardly any need to drill holes on walls as these tapes can be used to hang objects on the walls. It is one of the best and effective methods to hang small signs, greeting cards, key chains and so forth.
  • Bundle Items Together: It also finds application in bundling codes together. It is often included along with computer codes so that it can be folded together and kept in place. It can also be used outdoors to bundle garden hoses neatly.

Office Partitions

By creating a partially enclosed work area, office partitions are of importance to the work of the individual. They separate workers from each other, keeping them away from distractions and temptations that can slow productivity. This allows each individual employee to be centered on their work. It also gives them a sense of privacy and security. Employees work better when they feel that their space is “their own”. They can personalize it, add pictures of loved ones, and make it an area of increased productivity.

While offering many styles, partitions can add a nice and clean look to an office space. This environment helps employees feel good while completing their work, allowing them to enjoy heading into the office. In terms of style and design, there are lots of materials used in the construction of partitions. A few of the most common are glass (the most popular), wood and metal. Glass is popular because it creates an elegant look with a modern feel. This modern style is fashionable and is enjoyed by the current generation because of its appeal. Glass also creates an excellent noise barrier, keeping out noise from nearby workers. Wood and metal materials offer similar benefits as glass, and are sometimes preferred due to increased durability.

Productivity of workers in often increases when they feel they are being treated sincerely and fairly by their managers. It creates a sense of motivation, causing them to take their work more seriously. They feel like they are a part of something positive. This results in increased output from each employee. Fairness causes workers to want to do their best. Cubicles allow people to enjoy these feelings, while providing lots of extra benefits. This translates into a better work place and positive attitudes at your business.

It is important to choose the right partition carefully, as partitions play a very important role in an organization. Choosing the right style, design, and quality ensure that the partitions go well with the office environment. These attributes are important because they directly affect employees’ work performance, and the interest level of clients. Clients, who enter the office work place, will often make a first impression based on what they see. When they see an organized, structured office, it creates a good image of your business in their minds.

Make Front Porch More Welcoming

Add Lighting

Bright outdoor lights let everyone know that friendly people are inside and that intruders are not welcome. A pair of lamps on either side of your front door are a simple way to add light to an otherwise shadowy area. Or, if you have an enclosed entryway, a ceiling fixture will spread the light around. You can also add solar lamps along your front walkway to lead the way to your front door in the evening hours.

Make Small Repairs

Peeling paint, sagging gutters, and torn screens are a sign that you’re not that interested in what others think of you or your home. Taking a weekend to fix up your front porch will make your home look new again and create an inviting entryway that the neighbors will envy. If there’s money left in the budget, add new house numbers, door hardware, or a new mailbox to freshen up the space.

Dress Up the Walkway

An inviting walkway will draw the eyes of your visitors right up to your front door, and hopefully their feet will follow. Freshen up mulch or crushed stone walkways with a few new bags of material and scrub up concrete or stone walkways to give them new life. Then, plant low-growing shrubs or flowers to line the path and give guests the red-carpet treatment.

Add a Focal Point

Now that you have your front porch cleared out, scrubbed down, and fixed up, and your walkway is leading visitors to the porch, it’s time to give them something interesting to look at that when they get there. Add something that speaks to your personal style and have fun. Think about a rocking chair, an old-fashioned bicycle, a cozy bench and table for lemonade, or an old milk crate with seasonal decorations.

About Fixed TV Mounts

Fixed TV mounts and More Space

The fixed TV mounts are beneficial in letting you accommodate more furniture in your space, and the benefits become more prominent if you have limited space. Besides homes, commercial settings like restaurants, hospitals and offices have a shortage of space, and these mounts can provide an effective solution to the problem. These mounts increase the sophistication of your stylish looking flat panel screens; and this is one of the main reasons for their growing popularity. Modern mounts can hold your flat screen TVs securely at different angles and create more space so that other furniture could be added. It is essential that you choose the mount with care because it will affect the way you view the screen.


New fixed TV mounts are highly durable and can support weights in excess of 200 pounds. Many of them are designed from aluminum or steel using special processes for higher strength and durability. For example, many modern mounts are made from cold-rolled steel. Heated steel is malleable and the metal degrades because of the heat. On the other hand, cold-rolled steel helps make highly durable TV mounts that could secure your TV firmly and safely.

Powder Coated Protection

Modern fixed TV mounts are almost maintenance-free. Once you install them and mount your flat panel TV onto them, there is almost no need for any future maintenance. They are powder coated, in which one or more layers of dry paint gets applied and heated to create a “permanent” layer. The main advantage of this powder coating is that it is highly durable and doesn’t cause any flaking or intrusion of moisture. There is no need to worry about rusting or the emission of VOCs.


Most of the fixed mounts available today can be easily installed. All the hardware components come included for convenient installation by the user. All the hardware parts are included along with instruction manuals so that you don’t have to get the help of a professional. In fact, these mounts are designed to be installed on a wide range of surfaces. Many designs can have extension arms so that the mount could be used with almost any flat panel TV.

Importance of Stair Railings

  • Design- You should choose a design that best fits the style of the stairs. Stair railings are attached to newel posts. Newel posts are the big posts at the start, center and end of the stairs. These posts usually come in more complicated designs which are installed in each step of the stairs. Wooden newel post is the commonly used for the newel post. You should also always check that newel post is always tightened for the safety.
  • Style- While choosing a style for stair railings for your home, you should always consider whether it will be installed inside or outside the house. Wooden stair railings are the most ideal design for the interior part of the house. It may be plain but you can paint it to give a more customized look. As for the exterior part, metal or iron stair railings can be used because these materials can resist any weather conditions. Wood and metal for stair railings also seem a unique combination. Besides style, it is very important to choose stair railings, which have quality and sturdiness.
  • Safety: You do not have to require a professional help to install stair railings. Nowadays, internet provides many tutorial videos for the installation process. You should use banisters that are very easy to grip by every age group for the safety purposes. If you have kids or elderly people at your home, you should be careful in choosing more simple type of railings. Moreover, stair banisters must be sturdy enough to provide a good support to your railings. You should always consider renovating or buying a new house and check if it has stair baluster installed or not. It does not only provide safety but also highlights the value and beauty of the home decoration.