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Decorating Urban Condo

In all actuality, it is often easier to buy your art before you decorate your rooms so that you can pick up dominant colors in the art and follow through with the home furnishings that will highlight the “masterpiece” that you have discovered. You have to decide how much wall space or height on a table can be targeted for the piece.

Remember that you are not committed to always leaving it in the same spot. You can move it around if you move your furniture or just want a change in placement to freshen up an area. Even museums move their collections from place to place at times.

What happens when the allotted budget just does not warrant spending a lot of money on fine art? You’ll just have to be creative and make use of the ways that you can get that art within your price range.

The easiest way to do that is to realize that you need to most likely find exceptional limited edition prints rather than original art or perhaps paintings or sculptures by new artists who don’t charge as much for their creations.

Learn before you buy. Browse online to get a feel as to what type of paintings or sculptures you are most interested in, what different terms mean in relation to art, and, importantly, research recent selling prices.

Where do you go? Of course, you can go to art galleries and auction houses but, again, visit those that feature artists in your price range, and be sure to familiarize yourself with the process if you want to buy at an auction.

Be sure to choose reputable establishments that will give you a legitimate certificate of authenticity. If you have any doubts about something you want to purchase, it is often worthwhile to pay for an independent appraisal.

Sometimes you can go to a regular estate sale that is being held for a home and/or its contents and get a surprisingly low price on something that appeals to you but doesn’t seem to have much value to the one doing the selling.

Local art shows are an excellent source because the artists are usually new, come from a variety of locations, and are anxious to sell their wares at reasonable prices. Their work is specifically showcased with excellent exposure to enhance their careers and connect artists with the art-buying community.

Extensive advertising and media coverage is paid for by the art show, so the artists and art collectors can take advantage of that promotion. In addition, if you really like an artist’s work that you end up purchasing, you can get contact information so that you can perhaps buy more offerings in the future.

Decorating The Perfect Bedroom

With your bedroom, you should go minimalistic to make sure that the room does its job. If you are thinking of changing your bedroom, then you have come to the right place. The aim of this article is to show you how you can decorate your bedroom perfectly, using the best furniture and lighting stores. Before you look into the lighting, you need to get the right furniture for your room. You should stick to the basics of bed, bedside table, cupboard and some storage options.

If you have trouble sleeping then you should think twice before putting a television in your room. Televisions serve as a distraction and stop your brain from relaxing. However, some people find comfort in having a T.V. and they will fall asleep with the T.V. on. Therefore, this should be your personal preference.

If you do get a T.V., make sure that it is the right size for the room. If you have the box room, there is no point in putting a 50-inch T.V in there because it will look ridiculous. Just think portable and you should have no issue. You have to remember that your bedroom should be for sleeping, not for watching television.

Once you have the right furniture, you need to start looking into the lighting options for the room. As your bedroom is for sleeping, you will probably have the lights off most of the time. You might have them on for a bit, whilst you are getting ready for bed, but once you want to sleep, the lights will be off.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t have any lights in the room. You should actually be thinking about having two or three lights in the room. You should have the main light that hangs down from the ceiling but you should think about having it attached to a dimmer light.

You are not going to want the light to be on full beam when you turn it on because it will wake you up. With a dimmer light, you will have the option of using soft light, which will help you to see better but it won’t wake you up too much.

A lot of people read before they go to bed and if you use the main room light, as soon as you start to feel sleepy, you will have to get up to turn the light off. This will definitely wake you up.

Therefore, you will have to have some bedside lights in your room. You can put them on your bedside tables and they should have an on and off switch on the base of the light.

If you have a single bed, you should just have one light, but If you have a double, then you should have two lights. You should make sure that your bulbs aren’t too powerful otherwise the lights will be too bright.

Any good light store will be able to recommend you on the best lights for your bedroom. They should be able to tell you about dimmer and the power of the light. All you have to do is ask their advice and you will have the best lights for your bedroom.

Chose a Bedroom Carpet

Man-Made Carpet Fibers – Pros

  • They are more durable than natural fibers and they stretch easily. They are waterproof and have good stain resistance qualities because they do not absorb liquids easily. Waterproofing and stain resistance can also can be enhanced to meet the needs of difficult environments such as a child’s bedroom carpet.
  • They are a lot less sensitive to sunlight, oils and human skin. Over time these elements will break down and wear away a carpet, however with synthetic fibers this time period is significantly extended.
  • Natural fibers are organic material and are therefore more attractive to moths and carpet beetles, which can not only damage the carpet but also cause allergic reactions in certain people. A bedroom carpet made from man-made fibers is an ideal choice for asthma sufferers for example.
  • In many cases artificial fibers are more environmentally friendly than the natural alternatives. The production of cotton is very resource intensive, requiring a lot of water and land in order to produce wool.
  • The colours and designs available are infinite and because the whole fiber is dyed the same color it doesn’t fade with cleaning.

Man-Made Carpet Fibers – Cons

  • Synthetic fibers have a low melting temperature making them prone to heat damage and they can melt relatively easily. They cannot be washed with hot water.
  • They generate more electrostatic charges when the carpet is rubbed than natural fiber carpets although this problem is not as severe as it used to be.
  • Artificial fibers don’t have the same ‘bouncebackability’ as natural fibers – they tend to flatten easily under furniture.

Not all synthetic fibers are born equal. There have been major technological improvements in their production; today they are not necessarily the poor relation of natural fibers as they once were. A bedroom carpet made from man-made fibers is definitely something worth considering.

Whilst there has been a trend towards hard floors in the home, carpets are still the first choice for bedrooms, stairs and landings. It’s a significant investment and understanding the choices available will help you make informed decisions. They are also a major element in the interior design of any room and as such its style, colour and pattern are important.

Glazing Techniques

Did you know that it is easy to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom once you learn how to glaze? The cabinets can provide the kitchen with a totally new look as you glaze them.

This process is far from difficult and it is also inexpensive. With just a little direction, a lot of people are able to do the task on their own.

The glazing process offers different finishes, shades and motifs. These can provide the needed makeover for your kitchen or bath. Apart from the refreshing new look, the perfectly applied glaze can also raise your home’s value.

You can now instantly update old cabinets using some glazing techniques. Choose the right kind of stain or paint and you should be able to do this without error. There are many acrylic-based paints in the market these days that you can use for this project.

Oil-based paints and stains, however, are known to last longer and are able to provide a glaze that has a deeper luster.

With the stain in your hand, cover the surrounding floors and countertops with cloth. The cloth will catch the drips from your glazing stain or paint.

The glaze that you are going to use is a mixture of paint and a high degree solvent. This mixture is needed to achieve the tinted, transparent finish. If this is your first time to make the glaze, then make sure to have one part of paint mixed with four parts of water (for acrylic products). Use one part paint for every three parts of solvent if you decide to use oil-based products.

You may want to begin with the simplest glazing method which is the pinstripe glaze. This kind of glaze involves wiping away the glaze from specific areas of the cabinet surface or the door. This is a technique that allows highlighting the stunning aspects of the wood which is its grain.

Pinstripe glazing is all about improving the dull areas before as it accentuates and makes vibrant any wooden surface.

Fully wiping the glazes will not effectively highlight wood grain but would accentuate the cabinets and doors themselves. Fully-wiped glazes are used to create a more uniform appearance on shades and tints.

First, create the base by rolling on two coats of latex paint. Choose from satin, egg shell or pearl finish. Make sure that the base coat dries up for no less than 24 hours before you start glazing.

The next step is to apply the glaze coat. Use the mixture, thin with water where necessary, to coat the walls. Do this on every three-foot-square wall section. Use a large, natural bristle brush. Use horizontal, vertical and diagonal brush strokes in order to cover the base coat.

The last step is to create glazing effects. You can do this once you get the hang of glazing your walls. Texture effects requires several coats, with each coat being allowed to dry before the next application.

Incredible Interior Design

When considering to create a stunning room, you don’t want to steer away from the homely feel. You want a room that looks fantastic when you have guests over, but is still a functional space where the family can spend time together.

Whether you’re working on your bedroom, living room, entrance hall or kitchen, there are a few things you may want to take into consideration.

DIY projects have become a popular choice, creating your own ornaments and items that are used throughout the home. DIY projects are not for everyone, which is why so many people use interior design companies to help them create that special space in their homes.

Textures are very important and can turn any room into a magnificent space. You don’t want a room that uses the same material throughout, using different textures can enhance the space with ease.

All interior design companies will use a number of different textures when creating a beautiful room, whether it’s different cushions on the sofa or a choice of rungs and furniture which work together in harmony.

Stripes are a very popular choice and can create a visual impact that leaves a lasting impression. From striped wall paper to striped cushions and bed linen. The use of stripes adds that fun factor into the space, while keeping it functional and enjoyable.

The great thing about stripes is that you can add bold colours to the space, create a warm and inviting space with minimal effort.

The next very important interior design tip is colour. Colour plays such an important role in your room design whether you’re creating a comfortable living room or a relaxing bedroom space.

You can play with different colours to create a great space or you can even make a feature wall. Using natural tones throughout the space and then adding that splash of colour to one wall that makes a visual impact.

Creating a room is such a fun time because you get to play with all the different colours and textures, put them together and then come up with a union that works beautifully in the space. Often the colours and textures you choose are ones you would never have dreamed would work so well together.

Always put something up on your walls. Wall writing has become a very popular choice in homes around the world and can create an interesting art piece on the walls.

When putting a room together not everyone has the money to buy an original art piece, in most cases interior design. Wall writing enables you to create an interesting piece on a wall that is different, unique and personal.

Wall writing works so well in children’s bedrooms, above the main bed and even in the kitchen.

The last step in your interior design project is to create something special. Green walls are one way that you can create an outdoor space inside. Maybe you’re working on your apartment where you don’t have an outdoor space, green walls let you create your own indoor garden, so to speak.

Wall Mirrors in Modern Home

When I think of the most common place a wall mirror is used, the bathroom immediately comes to mind. Instead of the traditional rectangular looking glass, try a circular or oval mirror. These shapes can serve as both decorative and functional pieces over your vanity.

A frameless mirror with a beveled edge will create visual interest and it will feel lighter than a framed mirror, which is important if your bathroom is smaller. Flanking the mirror with wall sconces to cast an even light and prevent shadows when you’re getting ready in the morning is icing on the cake!

A wall mirror can also be a stunning piece for your entryway or foyer. For smaller areas, a wall mirror can open the space and use lighting from the nearby door to make its statement. When selecting a mirror for this space, choose one that symbolizes your house as a whole. There are many mirrors with elaborate frames that are art-like and really make an impact. Greet your guest with your personal and welcoming style. My favorite foyers offer a stunning mirror, offset just a touch, over a console table and unique table lamp balancing it all out. Change the table décor to reflect the season and voila!

The dining room is another ideal place for a decorative mirror. Generally, when used, this room will accommodate many people and sometimes feel cramped. By strategically placing a long, horizontal mirror across from a window or another mirror, the space will seem more open and inviting. Incorporate a couple of buffet-style lamps and allow the mirror and lighting to work in unison, seemingly expanding the room. There’s nothing worse than feeling closed in and full all at the same time!

No matter where you hang your mirror though, it is important to contemplate the reflection. When deciding on the precise location to place it, be sure to remember that you’re not the only thing looking back when you peer into the looking glass. Consider the surroundings. Does it reflect a blank wall? Does it show off a part of the room you’re not particularly fond of or, does it frame the natural landscape outside of an opposing window? By placing the mirror with this in mind, you’re sure to be pleased once the holes are in the wall.

Innovative Small Space Living

  • Dual-function rooms: No longer do city residents have the luxury of having an entire room devoted to a single purpose. Instead, rooms like the living room, kitchen, spare bedroom and den must pull double and even triple duty, serving multiple purposes. After-market contractors are creating living rooms that also serve as home office space or convert into guest quarters. Spare bedrooms and dens are also being made into home offices that serve as guest rooms when needed. Kitchens/dining room combos are common, as well as kitchens that double as laundry rooms. By making one room serve multiple purposes, home owners can live comfortably in smaller spaces and have the benefits that come with living in the city.
  • Convertible furniture: How about a coffee table that turns into a dining table that seats ten people, a couch that converts to a bunk bed or even a side table console that houses a kitty litter box? These are just a few examples of some of the highly innovative and creative pieces of convertible furniture that are available on the market and targeted toward small living spaces. Convertible furniture allows you to have all of the basic furniture pieces that you need for comfortable day-to-day living as well as pieces that you may only need to use on an occasional basis, such as when entertaining.
  • The customized closet: Closet customization is a growing market in the contracting business. A closet, which is essentially just a cavity in the walls of your home, can be converted into a highly-efficient space that allows a home owner to fit two, three and even four times the amount of clothing, household and personal items into the same amount of space. Some companies which specialize in closet conversions even offer three-dimensional designs via software. This software allows a home owner to view his customized closet in three dimensions, from all angles, during the planning phase.
  • Under-bed storage and other creative storage ideas: Empty space is wasted space in a city home or condo. Instead, home owners are making use of every bit of space, like under the bed and other pieces of furniture, walls and even ceilings, for storage. Under-furniture drawers are popular. They can be built-in, or free-standing versions can be purchased and simply slid underneath your existing furniture. Shelving makes use of otherwise unused wall space, and shelving can even be suspended from the ceiling.

Custom Picture Framing

Decide on a realistic budget for your project

I saw a forum post where a man was asking about framing a 40×60 piece of fabric. He wanted an inexpensive frame and acrylic glazing (plexiglass). He didn’t want to spend more than $100 for it. The problem here is that the glass alone would cost between $150 and $200, not to mention the frame and mounting something that large. Not a very realistic budget.

Take the time to work with your custom framer, weigh the options that you have in the choice of framing mats, mounting, etc. And then make a choice that fits within your budget. If you have time shop the project to a couple of different framers. Compare pricing.

Try to get an understanding of what the project entails.

A professional framer is going to do a little more than just open up a ready-made standard sized frame and stick your picture in it. Talk to your framer and find out how your piece will be prepared and mounted before it goes in the frame. What types of materials will be used in your project? Will you use archival materials or just standard? What’s the difference?

The more educated you are on the project the easier it is to understand what a reasonable price is.

Using an existing frame

If you find a frame that you just can’t live without, or maybe you have a frame from something else that you want to use, be aware that standard size frames may not accommodate a matted picture. You might also end up with a picture whose mats are not even because of your choice of a pre-made frame. Sometimes you might get lucky, the stars align and the frame you already have happens to fit your project.

By definition custom framing will be more expensive that simply purchasing a ready-made frame. But if you find a framer you trust, you can create a unique and beautiful frame design that you will be proud to hang and will fit within your budget.

Glass Candle Holder

  • Sand – Sand is a great and easy way to transform a plain glass candle holder into something special. Simply fill the base of your container with sand, you may choose to use colored sand to create an especially unique piece. Once you have a base, you can then place a smaller votive holder inside the larger container. After you centered the votive holder, you can then continue to pour sand into the holder.
  • Spray Paint – To create a stunning holder, simply use masking tape to create a unique design and then spray paint the exterior of the holder. After the paint dries, simply remove the tape and you are left with a one of a kind glass candle holder. This technique will allow you to create different patterns which will truly catch the eye of anyone who sees them.
  • Dried Flowers – This technique works best with larger sized candle holders. Simply place your candle in the center of the holder and fill the side of the container with dried flowers. You should ensure that the flowers you use only reach approximately halfway up the candle that you are using. This is a great way to create a unique look, while showing off some of your favorite flowers.
  • Lace – Gluing lace on the outside of a clear glass candle holder is a great way to create a romantic look for any room in your home. These designs can also be used as wedding decorations. With the many different types of lace available for you to choose from, the possibilities for this type of design are endless.
  • Sea Shells – Placing sand and seashells in a holder is a great way to enjoy the beach year round. To create this look, simply place a base layer of sand in a larger sized container. Then add seashells that you may have collected on the beach, or that you purchased at your local craft store. The look is beautiful and will create an eye-catching centerpiece on any table.

Candle Burning Safety

  • The first thing that you should always remember is to never leave a candle burning unattended. This may sound like simple advice, but a fire can start in a matter of seconds. I don’t mean that you have to sit in a chair and constantly watch a burning candle, but you should be able to see it from wherever you may be in the house.
  • The next thing to keep in mind is the importance of placing a lit candle on a sturdy and heat-resistant surface. Candles should never be placed on a plastic or flammable surface. These types of surfaces may become unstable from the heat and cause the candle to fall. You should also not place a candle on a low table where your pets or anyone walking by may knock it down.
  • Candles should also be placed so that they are out of reach of children and pets. If you place a candle on a table, you should ensure that it is in an area where a cat cannot jump to. When placing a candle on a dining table or countertop, you should make sure that the candle is far enough away from the edge that it cannot be grabbed by a child.
  • When placing candles on bathroom counters or shelves, you should always make sure that they are at least four inches away from other items. This will help reduce the risk of anything igniting.
  • If you choose to place candles in high-traffic areas, it is extremely important that you place them somewhere safe. The best place for placing candles in these types of areas is on shelves or tables that you are sure will not be bumped into.
  • One of the most common causes of fire related to candle use is when they are placed too close to curtains. If the window is open, a breeze may cause the curtain to blow into the flame causing a fire. If you tend to leave your windows open regularly, you should never place a candle by them.
  • Whenever you burn a candle, it should always be placed in a holder or jar. If the wick should become too short while the candle is burning, the holder will extinguish the flame. However, if you simply place a candle on a surface without a holder, the surface may become burned and possibly spread.