Decorating Christmas Tree

Before Starting

Before beginning the decorating of your tree, you’ll need to prepare your tree. If you’ve opted for a real tree this is as simple as placing it in a pot in the room of choice. Should you be using a fake tree this year, once all parts are together fan the branches out.

It’s best to take a step back throughout the process to make sure that the tree is symmetrical. Once you’re happy with how the tree looks you can begin decorating.

Lights First

Before baubles, candy canes or any other decorations make their way onto your tree, you should begin with the Christmas lights.

When placing lights on your tree start from the top and weave around the tree, taking care not to go too close to the edge or centre of the tree. How many lights and the colour of lights you use, is completely up to you. But remember more is not necessarily better.

Extra Sparkle

Tinsel is the Marmite of Christmas decorations; you either love it or hate it. If you’re one of those who love it, you can make it look better than before by weaving it around the tree from the bottom upwards.

If you’re looking to add coloured beads to the tree, as with tinsel you should begin at the bottom and weave your way around.

Large / Heavy Decorations

Christmas tree decorations come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. If you’ve got either large or heavy decorations these should be the next things to go onto your tree. The heavier decorations should go around the bottom of the tree and larger decorations dotted around the tree.

For those with a six foot Christmas tree, ideally you should be opting for eight to ten large decorations. These will help provide your tree with depth.


The selection of tree decorations on offer for your tree are that varied you may be finding it difficult to decide what to go for. As with lights, remember more is not always better.

How you place the decorations across your tree will depend on your style. But we recommend placing decorations deep on the branches of the tree too. This will help to add depth and interest to your tree.

Looking for a sophisticated look to your tree this Christmas? Consider a minimalistic approach and stick to a maximum of two colours. Popular festive colour schemes include:

  • All white
  • Blue and white
  • Red and gold
  • Purple and silver