Designing Log Cabin

If you want to live in the log cabin, you will need a lot of decorating and design ideas. There are many people searching for the new ideas. I hope that you will enjoy this article whether you live in a wooden house or not. Even if you do not live in a wooden cabin, you can decorate your traditional house with the look of a wooden cabin. Usually the interior of the wooden house is rustic, simple, and casual.

Many people think that it is very difficult to decorate their home without spending a lot of money, but it is not true. I will give you some tips on decorating your wooden house. You should do shopping at the flea market, discount store, estate sales, and second-hand shops. Do not be afraid to decorate your wooden house with the natural items found outdoor – it will make your wooden house look more rustic. Decorating with the natural items will help to cut the cost of decorations.

You should think about a lot of details such as your furniture, walls, floor, and windows. We recommend you to begin with the color scheme. You should choose more natural colors. You will be amazed how great your wooden cabin will look with brick-red, spruce green, rich brown, coal-black, golden-yellow, creamy beige, or denim blue walls. Install wood ceiling beams in vaulted great room and make a rustic wooden house feel. Do not forget that the ceiling from unnatural wood is very cheap.

Begin with the color of your floor. Recommended color is wide plank. It is more a pricey choice. Laminate wood flooring is a cheap alternative which gives the look of the wooden planks. What is more, laminate wood flooring is very durable, quick, easy to install, and have a scratch-resistant surface.

If you want your traditional home look more like a wooden cabin, you can install faux wooden blinds which are also an economical choice. What is more, blinds are always a great choice because it is easy to regulate the amount of the light from outside with the twist of a wand. You can also hang curtains with the symbols of the nature – acorn, nuts, pine cones, leaf, and everything associated with animals and forest. For a casual appeal the best choice for curtains is cotton fabrics with plaid or checked patterns. It is useful to hang woven curtains for a more upscale look. Curtains can make a totally different appeal of your room.

Talking about the furniture, I could say that it is one of the most important parts of the house because people buy furniture not only as a decoration. Your home and furniture must be very comfortable as well. If you live in a traditional house and you want your house look more like a wooden house, it is recommended to choose furniture which is made from the natural materials such as leather, bamboo, stone, and wood. Log furnishing looks great and brings a delightful, and enchanting feeling.

In my opinion, furniture which is made with reclaimed materials or recycled metal is a very smart choice. It is also a green, sustainable, and cheaper choice. Do not forget to use natural and earthy colors. It will help your house look more like a wooden house. The ideal match could be the brown leather sofa, wrought-iron tables with stone tops and timber benches, log dressers sideboards. Solid colors and southwestern prints look great on the bedrooms. The design must blend with the window treatments. You have to be sure that the colors you use are relaxing. It highlights a very relaxing ambiance befitting wooden house.

Talking about the features of the fireplaces which are found in the residential log cabins – they are usually made from stone. A fireplace with the wooden mantel is very common in the wooden houses. If you have a fireplace, you can reconstruct it by covering with the stacked-stone panels to get the look of a natural rock fireplace and do not spend a lot of money. If you don’t have one, you can add a freestanding electric fireplace.

The accessories of the residential log cabin create the look of the rustic and outdoor theme. These accessories could be items with a wildlife, mountains, and pine trees. It is also useful to look around and find some accessories at your home because everybody has unused sports equipment such as snowshoes, ice skates, fishing rods and you can put them on the walls to give your house the flavor of the mountain cabin.

Some people have their heart set on a wooden house and a wooden house only. If you are looking for a house that is going to be sturdy, durable, and cozy, then wooden house living is for you. Traditionally built homes with the flat walls allow more flexibility with the interior design. We hope that these tips will be useful for you and you will find some new ideas for your home. You will not regret having these embellishments in your house. Be original, creative and have fun designing your home.