French Home Accessories

  • Furniture items for your bedroom
    If you want to turn your bedroom into a cosy, relaxing and romantic space where you can unwind after a hard day, French furnishings are the ideal choice. Their antique look creates the perfect balance between extravagance and comfort, without compromising on functionality. Without a doubt, changing the bed has the biggest impact on the way the bedroom looks, but if budget doesn’t allow you to invest in a piece of massive wood, then you can try to achieve the same sophisticated effect by incorporating smaller accessories. Bedside tables are much cheaper than beds, but, with their elegant lines and pastel colour finishing, they can turn back time and make your room look classy and royal. You can also get matching sets of drawers, as well as smaller items such as storage boxes, pillows, mirrors and lamps. As for the colour range, most of them can be found in light, pastel shades of beige, blue or pink. A subtle detail are bedroom fragrances, which can really relax you with delicate floral and powdery notes.
  • Kitchen and dining accessories
    A provincial kitchen décor is characterised by stylish cupboards. Just like in the case of bedroom furniture, French kitchen furniture is made of massive wood, so you can count on it for years to come. After choosing the table and chairs, you can complete the vintage provincial look by adding matching accessories such as traditional glass jugs, cutlery and tableware. If your kitchen is very small and you can’t find any room for wooden tables, cupboards and chairs, you can use these accessories to create the same effect.
  • The French bathroom décor
    Last, but not least, the bathroom is also important if you want to achieve a complete French-style vintage look for your home. When it comes to recreating the elegant and luxurious feel of royal French bathrooms, it’s essential to invest in stylish accessories such as brush holders, soap dispensers and thematic bath towels. Of course, the ultimate decoration is a large ceramic bathroom, but if you don’t have the space or the budget for it, you can invest only in accessories and turn your bathroom into a true oasis of relaxation without spending a fortune.