Future of Footsools

Chunky and Funky

Wood, especially oak has made a comeback this year. For the living room this means that the stool will most likely be small, square and stumpy. The fabric covering will be a bright block of solid colour that will splash on to and lift pastel based colour schemes. The piece will have four ball-shaped wooden feet.

Slender and Sleek

For relaxing at the office, whether it is in your reception area for your customers or you are inclined to have a comfy zone in your office, where you can ponder probable propositions, a footstool can add that little bit finesse, that completes the ambiance. The ideal footstool for this purpose will be oblong in shape, with a height that matches the seat of the other seating in the area.

Saving money is still an important consideration as we ease out of the triple dip recession so the fabric that will be popular will be hard-wearing, easy to clean. Blue is the colour.

Fabulously Fabric

If you have decided that even a little bit of wood is not for you, then you can purchase a footstool that is completely covered. One of the fabrics of choice will be furry animal print as Moroccan themes make an appearance in the interior design projects of 2014 and is set to remain as a big trend for the next few years.

This will also make your fabulous footstool a great feature that can match the other soft furnishing fabrics you have chosen for your rugs, cushions and curtains. This style will scream luxury. It would also be ideal for any size living room as you could also choose a footstool that incorporates storage space, allowing you to keep you magazines and papers handy without needing to go for the unintended cluttered look.

Obviously Ottoman

For the bedroom, there is the ottoman. Technically the word ottoman is another word for footstool and depending on its size, it can still be used as a multifunctional piece. This essential piece of furniture will compliment any bedroom,bathroom or upstairs landing design as you can buy bespoke pieces. If you choose a fabric one over a wooden one, big and bold geometric designs are in.