Glass Decor

In the bedroom, an opaque glass wall can act as the separation of a closet and the bedroom itself. This is perfect in studio apartment living and upscale houses in a sort of seclusion, such as the woods or on a private lake.

In the living room, a glass partisan adds elegance to the home between the kitchen and living room. A translucent glass adds extra light into a room. In a traditional home, glass decorations can be the middle ground between traditional and contemporary. Consider a home built in the 1920’s, which excellent molding and ceiling trim, colorful glass images of family, a recent trip, or a favorite location can spruce up the living area for something intriguing to look at.

The above is only a couple examples of what glass imaging can bring to the home. Don’t forget the office! Offices utilize glass imaging for directories, partisans, as well as employee’s offices.

Products that can be used in the office and at home include dividers that can identify an open space or dictate a separation of space in a given area. Each panel of the divider can be different; or they can be all the same. Creativity is endless. Presentation pieces are mobile decorations that act as a display in an office, room, or on the lawn.

The process for glass images is rather intricate. It integrates a proprietary glass printing process that utilizes high-definition UV inkjet technology. Images are printed on tempered or annealed glass, and safety glass, such as the glass partition in a medical office, is available. Glass printing artwork can include textures, photographs, illustrations or logos.