Hot Pink Bedding

As far as bedding, there are lots of choices and styles available, and almost every color can go with hot pink if it’s done well. For example, since this color is so bright, it works well with calmer or less bright colors. Picture a room that is mostly white, or a neutral color like beige, with a bright pink comforter set and shams. Very pale colors, like pastel pink, or other pastels can work too. Bright shades like hot pink can predominate the room, or add a little drama. Teal and light teal look great with hot pink, and black, white, and grey look fabulous. And how about lime green? There are so many colors that will work with this that there’a a lot of room for creativity.

Hot pink is popular for a girls’ room, and there are many bedding sets designed with this color. Common themes these days are geometrics, animal prints, florals, and themes, like hearts or peace signs. Girls traditionally love pink. In today’s market, it’s available in lots of variations in bedding sets, with a myriad of colors and themes. Little girls still love princesses and fairies, but bigger girls tend to like colors that pop, like neon purple, bright yellow and green, and of course, hot pink. Polka dots, zebra stripes, peace signs, flowers, hearts, leopard spots… even owls and monkeys can be found in this color on girls’ comforter sets.

A good way to start decorating a bedroom with this color is to start with the bedding and go from there. Choose a bed set you like, and there are lots available featuring hot pink, and then see what you like with it. What other colors are on the bedding? Do you want to choose one or a few for wall colors? You can do most of the walls in lighter shade of a contrast color (found on the comforter), and have one darker wall, or paint the walls white, neutral, or any shade from the bed set.

You can look online for color inspiration, or even go to Home Depot, Lowe’s, or your local paint store and get (free) paint chips that have different color combinations on them. If it has pinks like your bedding set, and you like the other colors they’ve suggested, you’ve got your colors.