Identify Different Grades of Granite Worktop Surfaces

First Choice

This is the highest quality of granites. First choice granite slabs have high gloss surfaces and hardly any visual imperfections. These granites usually come in rarer colours or have patterns individual to that slab. These properties increase the value of the stone solely for its appearance. There is usually no advantage in terms of strength or durability compared to the other grades. The veins and other imperfections can make first choice granites difficult to work with during the cutting process.

Commercial Quality

Commercial quality stones have easy to notice defects such as cracks, veins or blotches. Although, there are many professionals with the tools and knowledge in the trade that can process the commercial quality granites really well. The polishing on the surface is not as glossy as first choice granites but there are processes which can help improve the gloss. Commercial quality granites cost less than the higher quality first choice, however they can actually be more durable due to containing fewer veins.

Second Choice

Second choice granites are the lowest and cheapest of all the grades. These are least popular because they consist of many natural imperfections and blotches. There are professionals who can repair these imperfections which will help to save the manufacturer money on materials. This will require more time during the processing of the material. Second choice granites usually come in smaller cuts as the material contains higher concentrations of veins. If you do find a piece that works, you can save yourself a lot of money.