Indoor Water Features

Achieving Wellness

Whoever said that interior design is all about aesthetics? Indoor water features, when incorporated correctly, can have a lot of health benefits. Air purification is at the very top of the long list. It is said that running water attracts negative ions which can also attract dirt particles that are floating in the air. This means that placing water fountain indoors means literally pulling dirt out of the filthy air. Wall fountains can also have the same benefit, soon, you will begin to feel the difference with the air that you breathe.

Water features can also relax your mind. Tension in your muscles and joints can also be significantly reduced as you tend to relax to the sound and sight of running water. That tabletop fountain has been observed to induce sound sleep. You will love the way water features make you feel as you begin to embrace a more relaxed lifestyle.

Water features can also relieve stress and relief from strains and pressures is extremely important in today’s world where everyone seems to be living a rushed lifestyle. Seeing running water can provide you with that jolt of relaxation that you need as you cram for your final exam or that huge school project.

Another benefit that comes in bringing in water features to your home is family unity. Now you may wonder how this can happen – water features are often a great spot for gatherings. Here, adult, teenage and young members of the family can enjoy dinner as they enjoy the relaxing sight and sounds of water. Parents can also teach their kids about the beauty of Mother Nature as they are surrounded by such water features.

Water Feature Ideas

It is no secret that water is one of the planet’s biggest assets. Water features improve visual appeal as they make the area look more natural. Combine flowers or any green plant with water and you instantly increase the visual appeal of any room.


There are many different materials for indoor fountains just as there are also different designs to choose from. The center of your living room would look lovelier as you place a circular or quadrangular indoor fountain. Tabletop fountains are also quite popular as are indoor waterfalls.

Wall-mounted fountains are often rectangular and they can be installed horizontally or vertically. You can do this project yourself since most can be installed easily without the help of a contractor. If in case you need help lifting some stones, then you can employ an installer. Go colorful or subdued – the choice is yours.

Floor fountains are much like wall-mounted fountains when it comes to their shape and design. The sole difference is that floor fountains are installed on the floor. These can be customized so they can better suit your hallway or living room. Even a boring dining room can be instantly brightened with the right floor fountain.