Make Front Porch More Welcoming

Add Lighting

Bright outdoor lights let everyone know that friendly people are inside and that intruders are not welcome. A pair of lamps on either side of your front door are a simple way to add light to an otherwise shadowy area. Or, if you have an enclosed entryway, a ceiling fixture will spread the light around. You can also add solar lamps along your front walkway to lead the way to your front door in the evening hours.

Make Small Repairs

Peeling paint, sagging gutters, and torn screens are a sign that you’re not that interested in what others think of you or your home. Taking a weekend to fix up your front porch will make your home look new again and create an inviting entryway that the neighbors will envy. If there’s money left in the budget, add new house numbers, door hardware, or a new mailbox to freshen up the space.

Dress Up the Walkway

An inviting walkway will draw the eyes of your visitors right up to your front door, and hopefully their feet will follow. Freshen up mulch or crushed stone walkways with a few new bags of material and scrub up concrete or stone walkways to give them new life. Then, plant low-growing shrubs or flowers to line the path and give guests the red-carpet treatment.

Add a Focal Point

Now that you have your front porch cleared out, scrubbed down, and fixed up, and your walkway is leading visitors to the porch, it’s time to give them something interesting to look at that when they get there. Add something that speaks to your personal style and have fun. Think about a rocking chair, an old-fashioned bicycle, a cozy bench and table for lemonade, or an old milk crate with seasonal decorations.