Modern Bathroom Design

The good news is a high quality and modern design can add value to your property value. Putting a modern design together is much easier than you may have thought and can be used in en-suite and family bathroom spaces.

The first step in designing a modern space is to take your colour scheme into consideration. Ideally you want the scheme to be as light as possible, white wherever you can. Most homeowners will choose a light and natural tone for the wall and floor tiles and then choose white Duravit bathroom products to enhance the design.

Whatever the size of the bathroom, you want to keep it as bright as possible, this is beneficial to smaller bathroom spaces, a problem many of us deal with on a daily basis. The more natural light you can include into your design the better. So if need be, add a large window or sky lights to ensure you get a good flow of natural light into the space.

With your neutral walls, white Duravit bathroom products and abundance of natural light, you may feel the space is too clinical, which is why you may want to incorporate some splashes of colour.

Creating a feature wall or adding brightly coloured towels are all ways to break away from the white and add a touch of your own personality to the space. The Duravit bathroom products look amazing against a bright orange wall, turning them into a focal point within the design.

Try and keep your design as simple as possible. Whatever you do, don’t compromise your floor space. Even the largest of spaces can feel claustrophobic if you add too many products, so be realistic in the Duravit bathroom products that you choose, ensuring that they enhance the space and don’t overpower the space.

For many of us the advantage of a bath and shower is just too much to turn away from, but in smaller spaces it is almost impossible. Have a look through the range for a shower bath option, offering the best of both with clean lines that will blend into your design with ease.

You cannot buy Duravit bathroom products from any retail company. This means you’ll have to do some research to create your modern space. Ideally you want a company that is dedicated to customer service and maybe even offers a complete turn key service, where they will help you with the design, supply the stock and install it for you.

Online is the best place to find what you are looking for. You can spend days wandering from shop to shop and not finding what you want. Have a look on the internet and see what companies offer Duravit bathrooms in your area, these are a top choice for modern bathrooms and you won’t be disappointed.

Once you find a retailer, see if they have a showroom or store you can visit to see the products first hand. This will also give you a good idea on sizes and help you envision your overall finished product.

Always ensure any company you choose offers a delivery service to your area. You definitely don’t want to try and fit a large modern bath into the back of your vehicle, you expect it to be delivered to your front door within a short period of time.