Optimise a Small Space

Source Clever Furniture

Furniture for small spaces needs to be stylish and practical. The trick is to find a versatile piece that can be used for different purposes. Look for furniture that can be used as a standalone piece, or be used in combination with other pieces for a different purpose. For example, timber of upholstered cubes can be used as tables, footstools or additional seating. When arranged as a set of four in a larger square they also make a great coffee table by adding a tray on top. In no time, you can arrange your living area to your needs. Additionally, these cubes are stylish decorative pieces to play around with colours, textures and materials to coordinate with any interior.

Focus on the Floor

A very simple method to make a space look larger is using the same flooring throughout the whole apartment. Especially in open-plan living areas, a single finish from the entrance through the living and dining area will widen the space. This will additionally be enhanced by continuing the chosen finish to the outside entertainment area. There is a huge choice of floor tiles with indoor and outdoor versions available. Timber tiles are also very popular as they add the warmth of the timber look to a space and can be used in the kitchen as well.

Decorate like a Pro

In decorating your home you can unleash your creativity! Even if you think you are not creative at all, give it a go and start being inspired by interior designers from all over the world. Research design blogs and follow the ones that speak to you. Browse design departments in large bookstores to dive in the realm of interiors. You will discover that most interior designers love to share their work and inspirations. Borrow the things you like and implement them in your own home, with your modifications. Check out Kit Kemp’s famous design hotels for inspiration to layer colour and pattern.