Reindeer Hides

The neutral gray and white hues of reindeer skin make it an ideal choice for almost all interiors and the nature-made colors will blend seamlessly with a variety of different color schemes. In some instances white reindeer hides are available but they are relatively rare and so are generally a higher price than the gray skins which are more commonly available.

A symbol of winter, snow and holiday warmth, reindeer are commonly raised in Finland and other northern countries for their milk, meat, and warm hides. Reindeer are perfectly adapted to live in snowy and freezing weather, and their fur makes a perfect natural insulator against the cold. Reindeer skin offers superior warmth and comfort as blankets and furniture throws, and is even available with special silicone treatment to make it water repellent for use outdoors. A reindeer hide that has water repellent treatment can be used as a durable and toasty liner for sleeping bags, or provide insulation and warmth to the inside of tents. A water resistant hide can be used as a rug or hanging for a durable accent piece; an untreated hide is naturally insulating, and should occasionally be shaken out and moved to make sure that condensation and moisture does not get trapped beneath.

The practical durability and warmth of natural reindeer fur makes it easy to find beautiful and creative uses for reindeer hide within the home. Cozy natural fur makes a great addition to any room, but you’ll be tempted to cuddle up with it every chance you get. Durable hide makes these reindeer fur accents great as rugs or wall hangings, but their soft and dense quality makes them ideal for a cuddly furniture throw or blanket in sitting rooms and bedrooms. Spice up your home décor for the holidays and winter months with a unique and stylish reindeer skin rug.