Shabby Chic Kitchen Decorators

If you live in a classical and conservatory city like those still found in England and especially in cities like Chelmsford located in the East, as a part of the Essex shire county, then you must know for sure how beautifully kept and gorgeously decorated the houses there are. Whether you want to consider the most lavishing living rooms or bathrooms in Chelmsford, there is only one thing that unites them all, and that is the attention to details and time spent on making the home look its best. However, there is one style in particular which has been attracting the attention of an increasing number of persons lately. As a matter of fact, kitchen decorators in Chelmsford have stated that they never saw so many people going after the same look. The star of the day in the beautiful Chelmsford is none other than the shabby chic interiors, whether they are introduced in delicate and luminous kitchens or vintage, retro bathrooms.

If you take a look at the residences in the entire Essex country and at those in the perimeter of Chelmsford, you will notice the way in which all of the exteriors are almost all made by the same architect! Similar measures have been taken by all of the persons living in this area in order to accommodate themselves with the foggy and damp British weather. From the outside, Chelmsford homes look massive, imposing and rigid. They can almost be compared to the geometric beauty of the Victorian Railway viaduct which lies as an imposing sight for the residents in the area. The classic Chelmsford style is similar to that and can easily be seen in all the landmarks of the city and the impressive Chelmsford Cathedral or Hylands House are just some of the examples which you can consider. However, on the inside, more and Chelmsford residents are apparently opting for warmer colors and more lively furniture items. This can be particularly seen in the style of the shabby chic kitchens and the way that their decorators have made them so welcoming and appealing to any visitor or guest of the house, not to mention the family that lives there. With white wood and vintage looking cupboards, plenty of drawers and buttons all over the place, the shabby chic style is an amalgam of delicate and detailed, natural and overdone, with a touch of retro given to all of the pieces.

It is not uncommon for kitchens decorated in this way to have apparently worn out furniture and chairs or tables with the superior layer of paint intentionally removed and left that way to signify the passing of the years and the wear due to time. In Chelmsford, unlike in other UK cities, the temperatures can rise to as much as 30 degrees Celsius in the summertime, making this area especially prone to having a different type of style and a more practical layout of the kitchen, where the temperature can also grow due to extensive cooking. Keeping the worn look of antique pieces and using new and modern appliances and furniture items which have been made to look vintage, is the best solutions for the 110,000 residents of this wonderful British city.