Swimming Pool Alarms

Swimming pools attract kids but not all kids can swim. And, kids sometimes like to get rough in a pool. That’s why children shouldn’t’ be left unattended when they are in a pool.

As a new pool owner you will be surprised at how many new friends you develop, especially if you have the only pool in the neighborhood. And, if you have kids, you will be the most popular people around.

Here’s some startling information — did you know that more than 900 children up to the age of 14 die in drowning accidents each year? And it is going up as more people buy swimming pools because of the higher price of vacations away from home.

Just imagine the horror of having a small child fall into your swimming pool and you didn’t know it.

Don’t forget – you, as the pool owner, are responsible for anyone getting hurt (or worse) in your pool.

Take steps to make sure that your children are safe! Set positive rules for your pool and make sure that everyone knows them before entering your pool. If necessary, put the rules on a sign and make it visible to all.

One device to help your swimmers follow the rules is to get a Swimming Pool Alarm which will alert you that someone is in your pool without your knowledge. This Pool Alarm is an electronic system that monitors your pool and sounds an alarm if someone (or even a pet) falls into your pool.

A Swimming Pool Alarm is easy to install and will sound a loud pulsating sound both at the pool unit as well as inside the house or where ever you have the receiver. The remote receiver will sound an alarm up to 200 feet from the pool — and it’s battery-driven.

With a Pool Protector you never again have to worry about someone falling into your pool undetected. Every pool should be equipped with one – they are inexpensive and easy to operate.

Make sure that you always know when someone enters your swimming pool.