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Surprising Pool Maintenance Tricks

Use a Bucket to Track Water Usage

Environmental factors, like temperature, and humidity, dictate the rate at which the pool loses water. However, average water loss should not be more than twenty-five percent of an inch daily. To measure the rate of water loss, place a weighted bucket on the stairs and mark the water levels at different intervals throughout the day. Significant margins are an indication of a leak in the pool, which you should have repaired. If the water levels are lower than what you would like, simply use a hose pipe to fill up the pool to the required levels. Remember to check the chemical levels after each refill.

Use a Line and Net to Remove Dirt

Loose dirt that finds its way into the pool can be removed by skimming, using a net fixed to a line. However, dirt, residue, and contaminants may stick along the tile area and water line, necessitating proper cleaning. Dedicate yourself to cleaning this area at least once per week to reduce calcium build up. As you clean the tiles, also remember that the walkways need to be cleaned too to minimize chances of transferring grime and dirt into the pool.

The Filter is the Kidney of Your Pool

If you do not adequately take care of this small, yet crucial part of your pool, eventually you may end up with a dead pool. In the same way the kidneys are responsible for removing impurities, so the filter is designed to remove contaminants like leaves, dirt, and small debris from the water. Once a month, it is advisable to clean the pipes in the filter system. A simple way to do so is to backwash by removing the leaf basket and turning on the pump and letting it run till the pipe discharges clear water.

Ensure that You Maintain Consistent Chemical Levels

This is one of the most critical factors in proper pool maintenance. When the water lacks proper chemical balance, it looks murky, irritates skin, and can harbor bacteria. It is recommended to test the chemical levels weekly. The chemical levels to be tested are cyanuric acid, free chlorine, total alkalinity, acidity/alkalinity, and calcium hardness.

Get a professional to do the testing for you. If you want to do it yourself, buy the testing kit from the local pool store and follow the attached instructions. Chemicals that are well balanced make your water very clear and produce no smell and leave no residue on the skin.

It is also recommended to “shock” your pool. This refers to raising the chlorine levels of the pool suddenly but for a short time. The technique is useful in killing bacteria, and the way to do this is to dilute five times the usual amount of chlorine with water and then slowly pouring it into the swimming pool. A few minutes later you refill the pool with water to restore the normal chlorine levels. Shocking increases the risk of damaging the pools siding, and that is why it is recommendable to limit the process to no more than two times each season.

Check the Condition of the Skimmer Lid

Occasionally it is necessary to replace the skimmer cover in case it gets cracked or broken. It plays an important role by preventing people or pets from falling into the skimmer well so it is important to ensure that it is in good condition and firmly fixed in position. During replacement, ensure that the power to the pump is turned off to avoid accidents.

Power Wash

This is also known as pressure washing and the process helps get rid of weather stains and any rust that can occur over time. The process begins by sweeping the deck clean to make it free of loose dirt so that it does not spread all over during cleaning. Set the power washer to medium power and spray the surface to remove all debris, doing so over and over again until the place is thoroughly clean. A power washer can be rented from the local pool store.

Ensure You Schedule a Yearly Service Appointment with an Expert

You may not think that it is necessary, but the knowledge you have may not be sufficient for the care of your equipment like filters, pumps, and heating systems. A professional pool service provider will not only check your devices but also advise you on what you need to improve to keep your pool in good order. They can quickly detect small problems that might cause a massive crisis in future.

Identify Great Concrete Pool Builder

You have to check if the concrete pool builder you are considering for the job uses 3D design software. You can check if after the first meeting with him where you supply him with all the details that you need including the design and style, he undertakes to create an impression to show you the final and actual look of your swimming area. This will be a sign of a great expert that you ought to consider.

Another aspect that will help you identify a top concrete pool builder is the software suite programs that he uses to make the layout, route piping systems, design and documents. This software suite will enable him to be able to plan and design a large variety of swimming pools and hence they will be able to deliver your preferred style and design. This software is important for a concrete pool builder to have as it allows for conceptual modeling which will result in the delivery of a top quality swimming area.

You should labor hard to investigate whether your preferred contractor is recognized as a premier contractor in your area. This is the type of a contractor who has a clean and successful track record for completing all the projects assigned to them within the specified amount of time, budget and to the specification of the client. These qualities are what you should look out for as you attempt to get the best concrete pool builder for your swimming area building project.

It is important for you to consider the type and depth of experience that the contractor you have in mind possesses. The greater their experience levels will be then the more possible it will be for you to get your project finished in good time and the swimming area will also adhere to the strictest and highest standards of safety and quality. This is for the simple reason that an experienced concrete pool builder is well versed with all the standards to be observed when building pools and keeping deadlines.

The way that the concrete pool builder company you visit treats you will matter a lot in terms of their service delivery. If you notice that the company treats you badly when you are just inquiring from them about the services they offer, then it is highly likely that they will not give you the best services. A good concrete pool builder company takes its time to explain to you all the steps that will be involved in the building process and also help you choose the most suitable type and design of swimming area that will work for the needs of your family.

You should also consider the reputation that the contractor you are eyeing to help you with your project holds in their industry and community. You should conduct a thorough background check to establish this important fact. You can check what your references or past clients to your preferred contractor have to say about them before settling for their services.

You should also ask the prospective expert you have in mind to provide you with their customer references. This will help you look and scrutinize their job record before you settle for their services. If you notice that the prospective building company is not willing to offer you this list then that would be a sign that it is not a great company to contract for this project.

You can also tell a good concrete pool builder from a poor one based on how they structure their costs. You should not go for the contractors who quote the cheapest amount after you inform them about your expectations as it would compromise on the quality. The best contractor will justify the reason for the quoted costs and they will not also overcharge you for the project.

Clean Pool Water Without Chemicals

To get freshwater, the less harmful water, the more natural and better for the environment type of swimming pool water the number one thing you’ll have to do is to clean, clean and clean again. This means getting out all the bits of dirt and leaves, all the bugs, all the everything that blows into a pool each and every day. So you’ll have to skim all of this out, every day. You also have to clean the liner and underwater surfaces every week if not more often. This means brushing the walls, the ladder, the bottom and then once that’s been done vacuum all of the stuff up to remove all the sediment and anything that can attract algae to grow.

It is also important to keep the water moving. All the time. Fresh water coming in, used water going out, in a continuous cycle keeps the water fresh and less stagnant than standing water. This means you’ll need to use your pump, filter and skimmer all the time which may add to your electricity costs, but will help keep the water in the pool cleaner.

And now comes the interesting part. To naturally fight bacteria and algae, you will need to use floating sphagnum moss in the pool. Simply let it float around and it will help keep that water clean and free of anything suspect. Another thing you’ll have to do is use an ionizing pool cleaning system that changes the structure of the water itself to discourage bacterial growth.

Lastly, like with all pools going au natural requires that you test the water frequently. The pH level should be around 7. If it’s too acidic it will be unsafe to swim in and you may have to use chemicals after all to combat this. Is it worth it for freshwater swimming? Some people say absolutely!