Types Weatherboard Cladding

  • Timber Weatherboard cladding:This has been the cladding of choice since olden times. There is no denying the fact that timber looks stunningly classy. Weatherboards are available in varieties of pine, cedar, treated pine and many more. It does need to be painted and polished regularly to avoid it from splitting or rotting. It is expensive to buy and maintain. And it requires regular expenses in maintenance. With environmental concerns about cutting trees, many homeowners are choosing more eco-friendly options. You can also find plywood or hardboard cladding which is cheaper than timber and easier to maintain.
  • Fiber cladding: Fiber boards are made of cellulose fiber, cement and sand. These are very sturdy and very heavy as well. They do require painting. They are also quite inert and immune to environmental damage. They are available in many designs and thicknesses and primed for painting and use.
  • Vinyl cladding: This is a relatively economical option. These are very low on maintenance. They do not require painting or polishing. They are also lightweight and resistant to weather. They do not rust, fray, or rot and also come with excellent warranties. With their large range of designs, textures and colours, they are a clear favorite of homeowners.
  • Metal cladding: Corrugated steel and aluminium are options that many homeowners use. They are essentially sturdy but must be installed correctly leaving room for expansion and contraction of the metal especially in areas of high sunshine. These are expensive. Corrugated steel does come in easy to maintain colours.