Use Leather in Living Room

Choose your Colors

Before you buy any leather furniture, decide on an overall color scheme. This is the first and biggest step in tying together the look of your living room, as combining too many different colors can lead to a serious clash. Depending on your home’s design, one color may be better than another; color choice can also depend on your personal preference.

Get Modular

To tastefully decorate using leather, consider buying modular furniture. It can be arranged and rearranged in a variety of ways, and this type of furnishing tends to cost less than buying comparable, separate pieces. The kind of modular set you buy will depend mostly upon the size of your living room and the layout of your home.

Use your Leather as Decorating Inspiration

Decorating around your leather living room furniture is one of the best ways to make it look good, and the process will depend mostly upon the color of the furniture. Try to choose a color scheme and stick with it, incorporating styling cues (like Victorian doors) that catch the eye. Leather furnishings look best in a minimalist décor, so choose just a few elements that complement it. Keeping it simple will help you end up with a tasteful, inviting space.

Choose Soft Fabrics

Leather furniture adds a bold, rugged look to your living room, so try to soften it up a little with some plush fabric. Hang sheer, gauzy curtains, or drape a soft blanket over a leather couch or chair. If you have wood flooring or oak doors, use fluffy throw rugs to add more warmth to your space.

Wood is Good

Wooden tables, oak doors, and other décor will help to balance out those heavier leather furnishings. Use dark brown leather and cherry or maple wood tables to create a classy, library-like atmosphere, or lighten up your space by choosing tables and desks made of lighter-colored woods.