Wall Mirrors in Modern Home

When I think of the most common place a wall mirror is used, the bathroom immediately comes to mind. Instead of the traditional rectangular looking glass, try a circular or oval mirror. These shapes can serve as both decorative and functional pieces over your vanity.

A frameless mirror with a beveled edge will create visual interest and it will feel lighter than a framed mirror, which is important if your bathroom is smaller. Flanking the mirror with wall sconces to cast an even light and prevent shadows when you’re getting ready in the morning is icing on the cake!

A wall mirror can also be a stunning piece for your entryway or foyer. For smaller areas, a wall mirror can open the space and use lighting from the nearby door to make its statement. When selecting a mirror for this space, choose one that symbolizes your house as a whole. There are many mirrors with elaborate frames that are art-like and really make an impact. Greet your guest with your personal and welcoming style. My favorite foyers offer a stunning mirror, offset just a touch, over a console table and unique table lamp balancing it all out. Change the table décor to reflect the season and voila!

The dining room is another ideal place for a decorative mirror. Generally, when used, this room will accommodate many people and sometimes feel cramped. By strategically placing a long, horizontal mirror across from a window or another mirror, the space will seem more open and inviting. Incorporate a couple of buffet-style lamps and allow the mirror and lighting to work in unison, seemingly expanding the room. There’s nothing worse than feeling closed in and full all at the same time!

No matter where you hang your mirror though, it is important to contemplate the reflection. When deciding on the precise location to place it, be sure to remember that you’re not the only thing looking back when you peer into the looking glass. Consider the surroundings. Does it reflect a blank wall? Does it show off a part of the room you’re not particularly fond of or, does it frame the natural landscape outside of an opposing window? By placing the mirror with this in mind, you’re sure to be pleased once the holes are in the wall.