Month: October 2019

Future of Footsools

Chunky and Funky

Wood, especially oak has made a comeback this year. For the living room this means that the stool will most likely be small, square and stumpy. The fabric covering will be a bright block of solid colour that will splash on to and lift pastel based colour schemes. The piece will have four ball-shaped wooden feet.

Slender and Sleek

For relaxing at the office, whether it is in your reception area for your customers or you are inclined to have a comfy zone in your office, where you can ponder probable propositions, a footstool can add that little bit finesse, that completes the ambiance. The ideal footstool for this purpose will be oblong in shape, with a height that matches the seat of the other seating in the area.

Saving money is still an important consideration as we ease out of the triple dip recession so the fabric that will be popular will be hard-wearing, easy to … Read the rest

French Home Accessories

  • Furniture items for your bedroom
    If you want to turn your bedroom into a cosy, relaxing and romantic space where you can unwind after a hard day, French furnishings are the ideal choice. Their antique look creates the perfect balance between extravagance and comfort, without compromising on functionality. Without a doubt, changing the bed has the biggest impact on the way the bedroom looks, but if budget doesn’t allow you to invest in a piece of massive wood, then you can try to achieve the same sophisticated effect by incorporating smaller accessories. Bedside tables are much cheaper than beds, but, with their elegant lines and pastel colour finishing, they can turn back time and make your room look classy and royal. You can also get matching sets of drawers, as well as smaller items such as storage boxes, pillows, mirrors and lamps. As for the colour range, most of them can be found in light, pastel shades of beige, blue
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Conference Room Layouts

  • Boardroom style:
    The setup for a boardroom style conference room is very simple. It consists of a rectangular or an oval table in the centre with chairs around it. It is ideal for one-on-one interactions, especially interviews. Since this style allows for close proximity with each other, it is also suitable for short meetings involving discussions or for video conferencing. The Boardroom style can accommodate around 25 people.
  • U-shape Style:
    It is one of the most preferred layout styles with the accommodation capacity of around 25 people. As the name suggests, U-shape style consists of a series of rectangular tables placed end to end to form a U shape. The chairs are placed on the outer side of the table. This style is suitable for presentations, video conferences and training sessions. Each group has a table in front of them which makes it an ideal seating for taking down notes. It also facilitates conversation between the speaker and the audience
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Perfect Curtain

There are several types of curtains to consider depending on the practical use along with the style or decorative way that a curtain will accent a room. One of the more common types of curtains is known as a pole pocket. This curtain is made with a casing at the top of the panel that slides over a rod. This style of curtain eliminates any need for rings. Sometimes the curtain is made with double casings that allows it to be placed over the rod on the lower casing. With this style hanging, the curtain can be pushed creating a ruffle throughout the top casing.

The ring-top curtain is hung exactly as the name states. Typically decorative rings are used to attached to a similarly decorated curtain rod. The rings are placed at intervals at the top of the curtain to show an even appearance.

The tab-top curtain is basic and casual in nature. It is constructed with flat loops … Read the rest

Bedroom a Romantic Makeover

Romantic rooms benefit from a lot of fabric. You’ll usually find the curtains are elegantly draped around the windows, the beds are swathed in all manner of throws, blankets, and cushions, and the flooring is covered in wall-to-wall thick carpet or beautiful shaggy rugs. So let’s start with the windows.

Windows in a romantic bedroom need a layering effect. Start with a simple white muslin curtain – not only do they look stunning, they also help with privacy. You can buy these extra long ready made curtains with little effort and they’re usually pretty inexpensive. Next up, you need the second layer – the one that provides the real interest. For an extremely romantic look, why not opt for a luxurious velvet fabric. You can buy extra long ready made curtains in all sorts of materials, but for an opulent look, it’s best to go for thick velvets, linens, and brocades. Long curtains that fall all the way to the … Read the rest