About Cool Pool Toys

We have all seen climbing walls, and now there is one especially made for a pool. It attaches to the inside and towers up and over the water. The best part is if you fall off you simply fall back into the water, and there is no need for ropes or pulleys like on other climbing walls.

If you like relaxing in your pool (and who doesn’t?) you’ll love the newest floatie, this one is the shape and size of an over sized chair or small sofa. The giant pool sofa easily sits an adult or a couple of kids for blissful floating all day, every day.

While you’re relaxing you’ll want a snack, right? Well, now they have remote controlled floating coolers that you can get to your side in seconds. There are also floating coolers on the market that drift along and keep your beverages close at hand.

If you like your tunes but don’t want to risk water damage to your boombox or phone, you’ll want the waterproof stereo boombox. It can sit beside the pool and belt out the tunes but it won’t matter if it gets splashed or sits in a puddle. This is a great idea if you have kids who like to jump into the pool repeatedly. No worries, no fuss.

So you like pool, do you? And you wish there was a way to play it in the pool. Well now there is, with the waterproof pool table. This item is pricey but it is specially weighted to stand at the bottom of the pool and it is waterproof enough for you to play a whole game while inside your pool.

Many people enjoy a game of pool volleyball, and now of course there are also basketball nets that are made especially for the pool. For extra fun there is also a floating beer pong table complete with holes for the cups to sit in and yes, the balls do bounce off of the surface of the table.

With all these cool accessories for the pool you’re never going to want to get out!