About Fixed TV Mounts

Fixed TV mounts and More Space

The fixed TV mounts are beneficial in letting you accommodate more furniture in your space, and the benefits become more prominent if you have limited space. Besides homes, commercial settings like restaurants, hospitals and offices have a shortage of space, and these mounts can provide an effective solution to the problem. These mounts increase the sophistication of your stylish looking flat panel screens; and this is one of the main reasons for their growing popularity. Modern mounts can hold your flat screen TVs securely at different angles and create more space so that other furniture could be added. It is essential that you choose the mount with care because it will affect the way you view the screen.


New fixed TV mounts are highly durable and can support weights in excess of 200 pounds. Many of them are designed from aluminum or steel using special processes for higher strength and durability. For example, many modern mounts are made from cold-rolled steel. Heated steel is malleable and the metal degrades because of the heat. On the other hand, cold-rolled steel helps make highly durable TV mounts that could secure your TV firmly and safely.

Powder Coated Protection

Modern fixed TV mounts are almost maintenance-free. Once you install them and mount your flat panel TV onto them, there is almost no need for any future maintenance. They are powder coated, in which one or more layers of dry paint gets applied and heated to create a “permanent” layer. The main advantage of this powder coating is that it is highly durable and doesn’t cause any flaking or intrusion of moisture. There is no need to worry about rusting or the emission of VOCs.


Most of the fixed mounts available today can be easily installed. All the hardware components come included for convenient installation by the user. All the hardware parts are included along with instruction manuals so that you don’t have to get the help of a professional. In fact, these mounts are designed to be installed on a wide range of surfaces. Many designs can have extension arms so that the mount could be used with almost any flat panel TV.