Bedroom a Romantic Makeover

Romantic rooms benefit from a lot of fabric. You’ll usually find the curtains are elegantly draped around the windows, the beds are swathed in all manner of throws, blankets, and cushions, and the flooring is covered in wall-to-wall thick carpet or beautiful shaggy rugs. So let’s start with the windows.

Windows in a romantic bedroom need a layering effect. Start with a simple white muslin curtain – not only do they look stunning, they also help with privacy. You can buy these extra long ready made curtains with little effort and they’re usually pretty inexpensive. Next up, you need the second layer – the one that provides the real interest. For an extremely romantic look, why not opt for a luxurious velvet fabric. You can buy extra long ready made curtains in all sorts of materials, but for an opulent look, it’s best to go for thick velvets, linens, and brocades. Long curtains that fall all the way to the floor look elegant – and most importantly – romantic.

When it comes to dressing your bed for the romantic look, you needn’t think it’s all about satin sheets. Traditional vintage-look fabrics can look equally as appealing and rather more sophisticated. Or you could keep it simple with an elegant crisp white duvet cover, then add detail with warm woolen throws at the end of the bed, and freshly-plumped cushions on top.

Elsewhere, there’s the floor and the walls to think about. Add interest and comfort by placing a long-pile rug by the side of the bed – it will be soft under foot, and will look sumptuous too. On the walls, add your favourite photos in pretty vintage-style frames. Give them a romantic shabby chic look by spray painting them white or a pastel shade.

You can also add warmth to your bedroom by using wall hangings and door curtains. A wall hanging above your bed in a fabric that complements the bedding can look really stylish, while a door can be covered with extra long ready made curtains that swoop down to the floor and help give your room that intimate feel. Darker colours such as ruby reds, navy blues, and forest greens may seem like a bold choice but if you’re going for the ‘boudoir’ look, they can really help to add the finishing touch.

Whether you’re aiming for a bedroom with a modern romantic or traditional feel, you can get loads of ideas by reading home design magazines and checking out interior design blogs online. But whichever style you choose, the devil is always in the detail – and that detail is usually the soft furnishings.