Bedroom Floor Space Optimization

Many interior design plans have long incorporated space-saving techniques especially those for small apartments. These range from smart cupboards to built-in shelving wherever it is possible to fold, tuck or camouflage.

Technological developments have greatly helped in enabling people to work from home with the use of remote connections over internet channels. This further puts a constraint on the ever-shrinking home space.

The first technique that you have to consider is to use dual fold doors. These new designs effectively meet the challenges that modern day apartments pose. The slender designs of glass or aluminum dual fold doors, their flexibility and their unmatched function promotes energy efficiency as well as durability. Such doors are perfect for dining rooms and for indoor spaces that need to be separated from the natural landscapes outside. Many homeowners have chosen to use these doors in their homes especially those that want to optimize every square inch of their property.

A second technique is to use convertible beds. The idea behind this concept is to use beds that easily convert into something else or they can be stored away, turning the bedroom into a living room or a child’s playroom during the day. This room can also be converted into an office at daytime.

Convertible beds include folding and wall beds, kids’ bunk beds and many other forms of children’s beds. Did you know that there are also beds that can be converted into office desks in under a minute? The bedroom can then be used as a space to socialize with just an easy, single motion mechanism. Imagine the way this trouble-free kind of furniture has evolved into something that can have dual functions.

Still about beds and bedrooms, a lot of experts suggest maximizing the layout and to dress up the room according to your mood. For utmost comfort, you can actually buy a king or queen-sized bed even when in a small apartment, just make sure to raise the platform up to 7″ in order to have more storage space for baskets or bins underneath.

And haven’t you always positioned your bed against the wall that is closest to the door? This time, try having the headboard positioned right on the opposite wall. This should give you a sweeping view of the entire bedroom, making it visually larger.

A third technique is to optimize kitchen floor space in your home. These days, there are just so many ideas over the internet that it is impossible not to find something that can help you save space in this room in your home.

Get the most out of this room by having drawers installed since they are the most excellent space optimizers. Cabinets allow full access where there is ample depth rather than having just the front half. Go for those full extension drawers so you get a full visual each time you pull the drawers.

A fourth technique requires you to exchange those bulky sofas to ottomans or benches that fit beautifully in many modern living rooms. You will be surprised at the amount of extra space that you can create by ditching your bulkiest seating furniture.

Also for the living room, consider having wall-to-wall carpeting installed so that you can have a warmer yet visually spacious effect. Adding colors and patterns through wallpaper or paint can help create a tranquil mood. Good lighting also helps a great deal in opening up some more living room space.