Better Organize Your Closet

  • Customize your closet. This can be very time consuming and difficult, but get your closet set up for your clothes and possessions. You know what kind of things will be stored in your closet. Install shelves and drawers that will best store your possessions. If you have the resources, there are interior designers that specialize in customized and walk-in closets. They can not only maximize your space but also make your closets look fabulous.
  • Get rid of stuff. I know I said that you likely have enough space for all of your things. You are still likely hanging onto a lot of clothes and shoes that you have not worn in years. Throw them away. They are just taking up space and creating more work.
  • Categorize everything. Make sure that all of your like clothes are stored together. This is extra important with seasonal clothes. For example, keep all of your shorts and bathing suits on the same shelf. When winter arrives, you pack them away. Now you have a whole shelf to store sweaters and thermals. Do not hang sweatshirts, sweaters, or other items that can be folded. In fact, sweaters should not be hanged even if there is ample space. Hangers can eventually ruin the shape of a sweater. And while we are mentioning hangers…
  • Throw away any wire hangers. These are meant to be temporary and will also ruin your clothing given time.
  • Take your time. When taking clothes out of a closet, many people will often remove a large group of clothes at once. The clothes that do not get used are usually stuffed back in haphazardly. By taking your time and putting clothes in correctly, you will not run out of space as quickly.
  • Install a rack. This can be used to store ties, belts, scarves, and many other long items. It’s amazing how much shelf space these things can take up when they are all wound up.