Buying Home Curtains

Choosing curtains can seem like a ‘breeze in the park’; you may think that all you need is a measuring tape to get sizes, going to the store to pick up fabric and tailoring them to your needs. However, the thing to remember is that curtains can make or mar the appearance of a room and so some amount of planning and creativity is required.

Some essential aspects to keep in mind when buying curtains are:

  • Length
  • Style
  • Necessity for curtain rods, size of rods, color etc.
  • Number of window panels to cover
  • Need for additional window covering such as blinds, shutters to safeguard against natural elements
  • Cost

Besides, home curtains can provide stunning looks for houses with some simple tips:

  • Choosing the right fabric, taking into account placement of window in room, size, shape and purpose. For e.g. living rooms that need a little sunlight and brightness can have light cottony fabrics, bedrooms can have drapes with lining for more privacy, kitchens can have cafe curtains (half window cover) etc. Also remember that curtains can alter the mood of the room, add warmth and comfort where necessary or provide dazzling looks if needed.
  • End-of-season sales throw up fabrics at lower prices; not only that you can bit find bits and pieces of odd-color material and fabric which can be used to make your own patchwork and off-beat curtains to spruce up a room
  • Take a look at the furniture and choose curtain fabrics and colors to match them; creating a soothing ambience especially for spring and summer is more important than just adding color.
  • Window type also dictates choice of curtains; old, antique windows may look nice in soft, lace curtains tied up in a sash, heavy metal framed windows may get a warm feel with cottons of various hues, tall bay windows may get accentuated if you drape them with striped or ribbed cotton curtains etc.
  • Easy to maintain curtains which can be home washed in the washing machine are the best instead of going for heavy curtains which need dry cleaning or heavy laundering.