Choose the Right Pillow

Sleep Style

Do you sleep on your side? Look for a firm pillow that focuses on your head and neck. If you sleep on your back, a medium to firm pillow should be a noticeable improvement. Front sleepers should seek a softer pillow to relieve stress on their neck. There is a theory that sleeping on your back fights wrinkles, because it keeps the weight of the head off the face during the night.


Pillow Fill could be almost anything, the most typical is foam, goose down, latex. The most expensive fill is Eiderdown, a large sea duck native to the northern coasts of Europe and North America. Other less expensive but still exotic fills are green tea, buckwheat, shredded rubber, flaxseed and lavender. There are more to choose from, but we’ll leave finding the even more exotic up to you.


Pillows made from latex are allergy resistant, so they would be the best choice for someone with allergies or asthma to avoid night-time attacks. Granulated latex helps eliminate excess humidity and fights bacterial growth. If you don’t have latex pillows, wash your pillow once a month and hang it outside in the fresh air.

Bed Size

Obviously the size of the bed you’re sleeping in will play a factor in how large your pillow is. Each person will end up having a preference between two small pillows or two large pillows, but you should try out one large pillow to match your sleeping style before attempting to replicate a suitable pillow design with two smaller pillows. Your partner and laundry machine will thank you.

Body Pillows

Body Pillows are great for people looking for something to hold on to during those chilly winter nights, and if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. These pillows, also known as dakimakura or a Dutch Wife, are also available with prints on them.