Chose a Bedroom Carpet

Man-Made Carpet Fibers – Pros

  • They are more durable than natural fibers and they stretch easily. They are waterproof and have good stain resistance qualities because they do not absorb liquids easily. Waterproofing and stain resistance can also can be enhanced to meet the needs of difficult environments such as a child’s bedroom carpet.
  • They are a lot less sensitive to sunlight, oils and human skin. Over time these elements will break down and wear away a carpet, however with synthetic fibers this time period is significantly extended.
  • Natural fibers are organic material and are therefore more attractive to moths and carpet beetles, which can not only damage the carpet but also cause allergic reactions in certain people. A bedroom carpet made from man-made fibers is an ideal choice for asthma sufferers for example.
  • In many cases artificial fibers are more environmentally friendly than the natural alternatives. The production of cotton is very resource intensive, requiring a lot of water and land in order to produce wool.
  • The colours and designs available are infinite and because the whole fiber is dyed the same color it doesn’t fade with cleaning.

Man-Made Carpet Fibers – Cons

  • Synthetic fibers have a low melting temperature making them prone to heat damage and they can melt relatively easily. They cannot be washed with hot water.
  • They generate more electrostatic charges when the carpet is rubbed than natural fiber carpets although this problem is not as severe as it used to be.
  • Artificial fibers don’t have the same ‘bouncebackability’ as natural fibers – they tend to flatten easily under furniture.

Not all synthetic fibers are born equal. There have been major technological improvements in their production; today they are not necessarily the poor relation of natural fibers as they once were. A bedroom carpet made from man-made fibers is definitely something worth considering.

Whilst there has been a trend towards hard floors in the home, carpets are still the first choice for bedrooms, stairs and landings. It’s a significant investment and understanding the choices available will help you make informed decisions. They are also a major element in the interior design of any room and as such its style, colour and pattern are important.