Clean Pool Water Without Chemicals

To get freshwater, the less harmful water, the more natural and better for the environment type of swimming pool water the number one thing you’ll have to do is to clean, clean and clean again. This means getting out all the bits of dirt and leaves, all the bugs, all the everything that blows into a pool each and every day. So you’ll have to skim all of this out, every day. You also have to clean the liner and underwater surfaces every week if not more often. This means brushing the walls, the ladder, the bottom and then once that’s been done vacuum all of the stuff up to remove all the sediment and anything that can attract algae to grow.

It is also important to keep the water moving. All the time. Fresh water coming in, used water going out, in a continuous cycle keeps the water fresh and less stagnant than standing water. This means you’ll need to use your pump, filter and skimmer all the time which may add to your electricity costs, but will help keep the water in the pool cleaner.

And now comes the interesting part. To naturally fight bacteria and algae, you will need to use floating sphagnum moss in the pool. Simply let it float around and it will help keep that water clean and free of anything suspect. Another thing you’ll have to do is use an ionizing pool cleaning system that changes the structure of the water itself to discourage bacterial growth.

Lastly, like with all pools going au natural requires that you test the water frequently. The pH level should be around 7. If it’s too acidic it will be unsafe to swim in and you may have to use chemicals after all to combat this. Is it worth it for freshwater swimming? Some people say absolutely!