Climate Influence Chelmsford Home Design

Looking carefully at the way houses look in Chelmsford, you will notice that this region has some architectural characteristics that have adapted to the Essex climate. Moreover, some interior design elements can also be linked to atmospheric conditions. Looking at buildings from the outside, you will notice that they are massive and imposing. Chelmsford has kept the traditional British style and landmarks such as the Chelmsford Cathedral and the Hylands House are perfect examples in this regard.

Although it is one of the hottest towns in the United Kingdom, Chelmsford still has a large number of rainy days per year, so the facades of the houses have to be very durable, so as the withstand large volumes of water. Brick and stone are preferred to wood, because they don’t deteriorate as easily, nor do they let water get in. In addition, they also have to be heat resistant. Chelmsford is one of the few British tows where temperatures during summer are higher than 30 degrees, so the roof in particular has to be durable. Moreover, all homes need to be properly insulated in order to avoid excess heat or humidity.

Humidity is a considerable problem in Chelmsford, which us why bathrooms in Chelmsford have to respect several regulations. Interior designers advise clients to use special anti-mould products. Humidity from the outside, combined with the moist bathroom air, can lead to damp upper corners and mould growth. This is not an exciting prospect and this can actually lead to respiratory conditions, especially in small children. Although there are ways of letting the humidity out, these solutions are temporary and if you want to solve the problem once and for all, you should talk to a professional about insulation. Moreover, you could also talk to an interior decorator and purchase an extractor fan, which serves a practical purpose and also looks very beautiful.

If you are moving into a Chelmsford home, don’t forget to inspect the state of the kitchen either. More often than not, you can see if a house has been affected by humidity by looking at the corners of the walls, but to be extra sure have a look behind cabinets, because a lot of mould also gathers here. Kitchen decorators in Chelmsford recommend homeowners to choose other materials than wood, because this is prone to humidity. As for the taps and the sinks, stainless steel is often the best choice.