Colour Combinations for Home

Different spaces in the house will demand different kinds of color combinations. The different rooms of the house need to be painted keeping in mind the utility of the space, as well as the wear and tear of the area. Light walls in the children’s room for example will get dirty in a matter of minutes. So keep in mind the use of the space while selecting the wall color.

Color matching is the best way to ensure that the colors on the walls do not clash with each other. No one wants their walls to look like a misshapen mess. Paying attention to the colors is therefore important. It is equally important to know your color preferences. While browns may work for your friend, they may drag you down. It is therefore very essential to consider the colors being chosen for the room.

It is possible to paint the house keeping in mind a theme. The most basic theme has always been painting all the walls of a particular room the same color. This ensures that the rooms look different and the space is well defined. But this theme does not find favor with the customer any longer.

Another theme is to have an accent wall in a contrast color combination. This is the current favorite trend in the painting of houses. The accent wall then becomes the highlight of the room. The accent wall is also painted a darker color. This can be done with a texture to the accent wall as well. On the other hand, the accent wall may be kept smooth when the other walls have a texture to them. This creates a very interesting combination too.

Painting the walls shades of a certain color is also finding takers. This is the best way to make optimum use of your favorite color. The darkest wall in this scheme will then become the accent wall. Whoever thought that eggplant and pale green will be a color combination for your walls? That is the most sought after color combination currently in vogue. So let your imagination run wild, and use the colors that best work for you.