Decorate Guest Bathroom


Obviously, the first thing that should be done is a good de-cluttering job. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in the room, and store them in their appropriate spot. Don’t wait until the last minute before your guests are expected to arrive – get the room ready by cleaning the room out as part of your typical daily or weekly chore list.

Choose Light and Bright Colours

Using lighter colours can help to open up a space, which is particularly helpful with bathrooms that tend to be on the smaller side. Not only will such lighter hues make the room appear larger than it actually is, they also give the feeling of a clean space. Consider painting the walls white, off-white or pale yellow to help create that open, airy backdrop. Continue adding such light colours with stone-hued glazed tiles in the shower.

Use Mirrors in Abundance

Not only do light colours open up a space, but so do mirrors. You don’t have to limit yourself to a tiny mirror over the vanity – instead, place an oversized mirror over the sink to really brighten up your bathroom. If your bathroom has a double sink, instead of hanging two separate mirrors, consider installing one large one that extends to both ends of the vanity.

Use Light Fixtures Wisely

Forget about just one central light fixture in the middle of the ceiling. Not only is this not enough light, it’s boring too. In addition to your central light, make sure that you have light fixtures above the mirror over the sink. Not only does this provide ample lighting for your guest when they’re getting ready in the morning, but the reflection off the mirror will increase light in the room. Add some sconce lights on opposite walls, and consider installing a pot light or two in the shower stall.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

It’s the little details that really make a guest feel comfortable and welcome. Make sure to keep extra towels rolled up in a basket near the sink, and even a clean robe and pair of slippers by the door. Keep extra rolls of toilet paper stored decoratively on a shelf, and offer toiletries such as soap bars and shampoo bottles within easy access.