Decorating Home for Summer

I understand there are parents out there who can not have a stay-at-home mom or dad in the family; and I applaud these families for doing the best that they can, the best way they know how. I don’t want to appear as if I’ve intentionally excluded those who can not work from home, or appear disconnected somehow from you. Having been a working mom myself, I know all too well of the sacrifices one makes to provide for her kids. That being said, let’s continue with the article. Shall we?

When I talk about a “decorating diet”, I’m suggesting getting rid of the items around us that make things complicated. You can either hold a garage sale, and let someone else love your finds as much as you once did; or you can just simply pack things up, and store them away in the attic. The point is that by clearing away every unnecessary item, you are giving yourself room to breathe, room to relax, room to just lay on the couch, read a favorite book, and nap.

Unlike the rest of the year, summer doesn’t have to be convoluted; and neither does your decorating. By replacing heavy, bulky window treatments with sheer curtains, not only will you let the sunshine into your home, but your life as well. Keep the colors light, and your home decor to a minimum. You don’t necessarily have to own a house by the lake, to get that vacation home feel. Allowing your home to breathe and stretch its legs will provide you with plenty of room, for the kids to run around in, as they run their way to the back yard.