Decorating Home With Canvas Prints

Choose the size and shape carefully

The canvas prints come in a huge variety of sizes. You can select from standard photograph sizes, A0 to A4 sizes and custom sizes. In order to make the right choice, you need to consider the free wall space available and the current room decor. If you have a whole empty wall, you can even order a wall mural. If the room is small and has a lot of furniture in it, a smaller size would be more suitable. Just make sure that the images will be clearly visible from every angle in the room.

The rectangular and square shapes are the most popular. If you want several images in a row or you want to tell a story with pictures, you can consider a panorama shape. Oval and round shapes may be available as custom options, but in these cases you have to ensure that you will get precise image sizing and perfect gallery wrap.

Compare different special effects

The advancement in technology has made it possible for images to be manipulated in various different ways for the creation of canvas prints, which are real works of art. Montage is a popular option as it combines several different pictures in a stylish way. There could be several images of the same size or one large and a few smaller ones. You can really get creative with this technique.

Various artistic effects can be used for turning the images into artworks. The list includes sepia, black and white, oil painting, watercolours and pop art. It is also possible for a photograph to be turned into a hand-drawn picture. These effects can be used on portraits and on pictures from your holidays and travels. They are created by skilled artists using advanced software tools. You can work together with the artist to create something truly unique.

Think about the frame

You have to decide whether you want the prints framed or not. They are gallery wrapped so they will look great even without a frame. Still, the frame can integrate the pieces better into the decor. It can also help to protect them from damage. You can choose from different types of natural woods, laminate and plastic for the frame depending on your home decor and your preferences.