Decorating With Wall Murals


This is a great way for the amateur decorator to introduce some style into their home. If you aren’t familiar with the intricacies of interior design and are concerned you may make a mistake, introducing a seasonal wall mural is a fool-proof technique. By selecting this type of mural, which could depict any of the four seasons, you are essentially transforming an entire room into that season. It you want the spare look, a winter scene with bare trees might do the trick. If you want to exhibit fruitfulness and sunshine, a spring-time scene will be for you. Either way, you cannot go wrong with this method as each of the four seasons evokes emotion and therefore works as a theme.


This is one for the bold. If you really want to make an impression with your decor, choosing a dramatic wall mural is the way to go. These murals aren’t defined by the subject matter, but rather by their ability to stop traffic. It can be a high-resolution photograph taken from the Empire State Building looking down at the street below. It can be the view from the cockpit of a jetliner. It can be a closeup of a growling Siberian Tiger. It can be anything, so long as it makes people stop and stare.


This is for the intellectuals. An informative wall mural is one that teaches, one that provides information, albeit in a fun and decorative way. A popular mural in this category is the world atlas. Nothing sparks conversation like a large, high-resolution view of the world. It can bring back memories of travels or inspire ambition to travel anew. Maps are great, but they are not the only type in this category. Think bigger. How about a view of the Milky Way Galaxy from the Hubble Telescope? Big enough? Or you can focus on smaller things, such as the elements of life. A periodic table is another popular one in this category. Whatever it is, so long as it inspires thought it fits into the informative category of wall mural decor.