Easy to Do Home Improvements

Light up the space

The easiest way to make any room look different is to change the lighting. Fluorescent bulbs and tube lights often create a monotonic mood. Opt for yellow lights and beautiful fixtures that can be fixed on various places like walls, over the bed, lanterns, over the dining table, around the living room, so as to create a sophisticated atmosphere. You can also make DIY lanterns to add an artistic touch to the house.

Move around the wood

Rearrange your furniture once in a few months to freshen up the rooms. You could try various combinations and even opt for space saving furniture solutions to give your house a makeover. If you are tired of the wardrobes, you could just strip away the doors and install new ones. Salvage the old doors and make something trendy for your house.

Flowers add cheer

Place a glass bowl fill with water and couple of floating flowers in every room. Besides a Feng Shui sign, the colorful flowers are sure to make anyone smile. If you would rather have vases, then fill your house with beautiful vases carrying different kinds of flowers. Besides from the flowers being fresh, they help create a fresh ambience too.

Plant a couple inside

Few people are allergic to pollen. In that case, place a few green pots at the corners of a room. The plants will keep the air clean and cool. Not to mention, the green color of the plants spread a positive energy across the house.