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Small Space Ideas

Many couples or bachelors who purchase condos have the same problem: turning a small space into a living space filled with all the necessities of life. A simple and well thought out plan can turn any small space into a home. Whether one is a bachelor or a bachelorette, some simple interior design concepts can transform drab looking space into the modern pad that you dream of.

Flexibility and simplicity play important roles when it comes to small spaces. Look for decorations and furnishings that match and balance one another. This makes the space look less cluttered and closed in. Some designers would also make use of built-ins to serve as storage space as well as hide other parts of the house such as the kitchen, laundry area and in some cases, the bedroom and living room area. For condos that have loft areas, one can use the area under the staircase as a place to store books. If the space under the staircase is ample, some make use of it as their office or washroom area.

Low Ceiling

Low ceilings are unavoidable especially when it comes to condo living but the best way to make the most of it is to use certain tricks and techniques to help turn the attention of the guest from the ceiling space to the apartment itself. One of the oldest tricks is to paint the walls and the ceilings in one color. This will prevent the ceiling from being set apart from the entire space. Choose paint colors that are light and airy to give the space a more relaxed and comfortable vibe to it.

Another way to draw attention away from the low ceilings is to create an open floor plan that features large pictured windows. The windows would create an illusion of extended space. Using recessed lighting can also soften the problem of low ceiling for some as well.

Although there is no fixed formula to make small spaces bigger, using multi-functional furniture, and art works can make small spaces into a modern living one fit for young professionals.