Monochromatic Color Schemes

It is important to note here, that while the definition of monochromatic is literally “one color,” most professionals feel it is permissible to add elements of white, black or gray to a monochromatic scheme. For example, a room done in shades of white may have black doors or a black cabinet. This is a matter of preference as the black will have a strong visual effect in such a room, but an all-white room will appear larger and produce a softer mood without the addition of the black accents.

White is the most common color chosen for this technique because of the mood it can achieve. A space feels lighter, cleaner and more open with white. Of course, it is not as simple as just painting everything in the room white. If you do that you will most likely end up with a sterile, cold-looking room reminiscent of a hospital. To achieve the appropriate results, you must consider various shades of white, which will add texture and depth to the room and produce that calming effect. This effect, as we mentioned at the start of this article, is most often chosen for the bedroom.

The creation of depth is critical when using this method. To achieve this in the bedroom, there are several options, depending on the room. First, select several shades of white to work with. Use lighter colors on the walls and darker colors for trim. Just painting the molding and the window frame a darker shade than the walls will achieve some depth. Better still is the addition of crown molding, a chair rail or square molding on the walls. Selecting a different shade for each will add exponential depth and texture to the room, giving it a warm, soothing feel. Patterned molding on the ceiling and soffits to provide indirect lighting will add the most cost to the project, but the reward will be worth the effort. This can also be achieved with much less expense using backsplash tiles. The higher in the room the depth is provided the deeper the look will be, and nothing sets off a room better than texture on the ceiling, especially when painted in a monochromatic scheme.