Organizing Personal Coffee Bar

You first want to start with clearing off your space. Take a look around for items that are displayed on your counter-space, yet you rarely use. If you have small appliances that you only use once or twice a month, it is a good idea to put them away in your pantry or cabinets so that you can make space for your every day appliances, like your Keurig. (For the purpose of this article, I will use Keurig as an example because it’s such a household name, and nearly everyone I know has one)

The beauty of having a Keurig is that there are so many items on the market that complement your coffee maker, that it is nearly impossible not to have a dedicated area, in your kitchen, where you can find everything quickly, and be on your way.

There are several different styles of Keurig cup holders in the market today. Some are vertical, while others look like small independent cabinets. My favorite one is the Keurig drawer. The beauty of this drawer is that it can house a number of coffees, and it is sturdy enough for you to place your coffee machine on top. This drawer makes for a great space-saver!

Another tip I have for you is to place your coffee machine in close proximity to a kitchen drawer. There are several drawer dividers in the market today that you could use. Make yourself partitions that will house items like your sugar packets, your stirring sticks, your splenda, you get the point.

If purchasing drawer dividers is not in your current budget, you may use containers from around your kitchen. In my home, we have 2 very busy teenagers. We normally buy packs of throw away items like plastic utensils and plates. Some plastic utensils, come in tray like boxes that you can reuse. I have found these “trays” to be the ideal height for my kitchen drawers.

Lastly, clear an area of the cabinet space directly over your coffee machine, and place your coffee mugs there.