Rules to Designing an Eclectic Look

First let’s take a look at what eclectic is not. It’s not a random gathering of furniture, art, and design elements with no rhyme or reason. It is a fun, imaginative grouping of unrelated style furnishings that are pulled together by scale, colour, and/or theme.

If you are tired of boring d├ęcor that looks the same, then an eclectic style may be just the thing to showcase your unique expression and personality in your home.

Here are some decorating rules to help you create an eclectic look:

  • PLAY – Give yourself permission to go outside of your comfort zone and see what works. Sometimes trial and error leads to brilliant discoveries.
  • HARMONY – Find a common element that you can carry throughout the room. Whether it’s a texture, colour, or scale – you can create harmony by finding something in common to display in various pieces.
    Sometimes choosing the right pillows or decorative cushions can be just what you need to make uncommon items feel related. Together art and accessories can be used to help unify the space.
  • COLOUR – Let your imagination soar as you expand your palette. Everything does not have to be in a one or two colour scheme. An inspiration piece can serve as a guide to couple vivid colours together for an exciting visual display.
  • FOCAL POINT – Pull your design together by having a focal point such as a piece of artwork or a major furniture piece that draws your eye to it when you enter the room. For example a vignette of vases at varying sizes, heights and colours can add a striking focus point to a room.
  • BE A MIXOLOGIST – Dare to match stripes and floral, place soft fuzzy pillows next to a rough bristly lamp shade, try luxurious silks next to worn leather. Let fabric, texture, and patterns be notes in the visual symphony you are creating.
  • THEME – Furniture can be pulled from various styles as you tell a visual story with a theme. Find an emotional feeling you want to evoke. Use the elements of the room to make a big statement that paint a picture.
  • RULE OF THREE – In design it’s smart to limit the amount of varying elements to 3. Use no more than three unique colors, textures, styles.
  • PERSONALITY – Make the room be a direct expression of something authentic for you. Be creative and add a personal touches that make the room unique inspired design to suits you to a “t”.

Good luck to you as you explore your daring side and create a beautiful interior that expresses your creative flair.