Select Grommet Curtains

Selecting Grommet Curtains

These curtains come with metal-trimmed openings of different sizes. These openings are pressed inside the fabric. Hence, it becomes important that you pick up the curtain rod that exactly matches or is smaller than the opening so that you can pass the fabric through the rod easily without any hitches or pressure.

Right Curtain Rod

The best way is to purchase the curtain rod, when you are purchasing the curtains. This gives you lot of flexibility for selection. In case you already have the rod with you or have bought the curtains before, then either way you will have to choose the other accordingly. Hence, the best way is to buy both the rod and the curtain together. Ideally, if you are looking to get a complete grommet curtain appeal then, you should purchase curtains with larger eyelet holes. This creates a dramatic effect of the curtains as the metallic color of the rod stands out and looks remarkable.

Choosing the Right Metal Rod

Some grommet curtains come with silver-toned accents. Hence, if you want the curtains and the metal rod base to match your theme of the interior, you should instead opt for the uncommon colors such as copper or brass. It may take you some time to find the right toned metal color such as the gold-toned, white or black hardware, but you certainly can get such types of colors if you try a bit harder. And if you are comfortable with the silver-colored grommets, then you can mix it with other metallic effects by using aluminum or chrome eyelet that can give your interior carefree and eclectic appearance.

Larger Rods are Better

Most of the modern interiors have large windows and ideally, you should use larger rods of curtains for such windows. The sheer curtain trends come out very well if you use the right color and size of the rods. Smaller rods cannot detail the spaciousness and the clean lines that are prominent with all the modern decors and hence can look fussy. But if you are interested in creating a romantic ambience in your bedroom, then smaller rods with small eyelets in the floral patterned grommet curtains are just perfect.