Terrazzo Countertops

Several centuries ago these floors were used by stone masons, but never used terrazzo for countertops. Only recently this material was used in countertop design. Terrazzo countertops and floors are not much different on how both are designed and made. These countertops are getting more and more popular in houses, apartments, and business buildings due to their versatile nature.

Terrazzo countertops can be beneficial to you as a homeowner. The idea of owning these types of floors was built on being “green”. The idea of terrazzo countertops are now the same. When the stone masons came up with terrazzo flooring hundreds of years ago, the idea was made to recycle materials. Back then the rich would want their floors to be made from marble and also from statue and furniture pieces. Later down the road they got the idea to add goats milk to the concrete mix to give it shine. The same idea is now being used with countertops. These are one of the most environmental-friendly additions you could add to your home. This is because they are made with recycled pieces of glass and marble.

Terrazzo countertops are heat resistant. Normally when someone moves into a new home, it is very important to them that their kitchen has counters that do not maintain or conduct heat. Marble and tile have the tendency to maintain heat for a period of time. However, these countertops do not maintain any heat. The countertops do not burn, scorch, or darken when there is an extremely hot object directly on its surface.

Another good thing about these countertops is that they are resistant to scratches. All kitchens desperately need this feature. Granite and marble can be very easy to scratch, but with much more concrete and glass, terrazzo can withstand whole lot more use. Dropping cooking utensils, sliding pans or pots across the surface will not leave any scratches. On rare occasions when you do get a scratch on your countertop you can easily buff out. Most scratches buff out with a chamois.

Almost every time we cook, clean or are just in the kitchen, we spill something. Sometimes we may not see the thing we have spilled. In a short period of time it becomes a stain, but that is not the case with terrazzo countertops. As long as you seal all the countertops monthly, you can maintain their resistance to staining.