Things to Consider Before Installing Your Wine Cooler in the Kitchen

Wine coolers are essential to the wine’s taste and store the wine to be refrigerated at a perfect temperature. If kept correctly, several available wines sweeten with age and can last for many years, making them wonderful to unwrap at particular events and to relish with a meal with fam. Many companies like offer the best wine coolers with advanced cooling technology. You can check freestanding wine cooler, 300mm integrated wine cooler, single-zone wine cooler, dual-zone wine cooler and all that jazz to get your hands on the desired item.

Things to ponder before installation

The kitchen is the place where most of the time wine is stored, so it’s a favoured spot for built-in wine coolers. If you are considering installing your wine cooler under the countertop, take into consideration a few things.


Wine cooler installation under your kitchen countertop usually needs a couple of your cabinets and drawers removed to create space. A favored alternative for landlords is to extract their waste disposal unit and substitute it with a wine cooler rather than offering up any kitchen cabinets. Dimensions of wine coolers may differ between various models, which ease it to find a wine cooler that could adjust the space like garbage compactors.


Doors of a built-in cooler require it to open 90 degrees at least for homeowners to have ready access to their wine bottles. Usually, this signifies wine coolers need to rise at least two inches further than the countertop and cabinets to ensure good clearance and buying a reversible door cooler can make this more painless. You can reverse the door if there is any obstruction on one side of the cooler, so it opens in the opposite direction.


Outlets need to always be positioned backside of your wine cooler to evade misstepping over extension cords or power lines. You might need to install an outlet if there is no one available. It will be an inexpensive operation if a breaker box is already installed in the vicinity. And if there isn’t any, then you or your electrician would need to run new electrical wires from the closest circuit, which can be spendy. Consult an electrician in case you are unsure about the location of the circuits in your kitchen.


If your kitchen is a regular socializing spot for fam and pals, make sure to set your wine cooler away from the cooking area. In case your kitchen contains an island, you can place your cooler on one of its ends or the side contrary to the cooking area. This will get you easy access to your wine bottle and lets people rub elbows without standing in the way of the culinarian.

People usually enjoy a glass of wine while preparing delicious food in the kitchen, and it is not unusual for guests or family members to socialize in this area, so instant reach to wine is frequently a great advantage.